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Dec 4, 2006 04:39 PM

South Beach Restaurants?

Hi there,

I am going to South Beach with my mom and two sisters (ages 20 and 22) over Christmas vacation. We all enjoy good food and would definitely like to go to some fantastic restuarants. Maybe not the most most expensive, but still very nice and definitely those that are in the "scene". Nothing too quiet or boring...

Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Emerils (part of the Loews Hotel but in a separate bldg next to the main bldg) is a good choice. Excellent ambiance, art deco-ish... solid food, service and wine. Has a buzz when busy but not as loud and crazy as New Orleans. I think you'll like it. Can book on Open Table.

    1. Higher end...
      Social on friday and saturday is much more of what you are looking for than emerils.

      You would have fun at Opa as well.

      Tapas and Tintos could also be a fun place to try for dinner. Good food, good prices, live entertainment at night.

      A la folie would be a good place to have lunch btw. Breakfast, do Front Porch, Cafeteria or Balans.

      1. tpigeon - thank you so much!

        Do you know anything about Ago? A friend here in NYC recommended it...