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Fish Market in Park Slope

I have been having a hard time finding a great fresh fish market. Im sure its out there and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Park Slope preferred but would go to Carroll Gardens as well. It doesnt need to be fancy, just fresh.

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  1. I'm not sure if you've tried this place but there is a fish market on 7th ave between 2nd and 3rd st that has a nice selection and all the times I've bought there I've been happy with the quality. I think their prices are reasonable too.

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      Yeh, I have tried both stores on 7th Ave., and I like Ocean Fish better.
      Quality products and selections. I find their fillets to be fresher ( I love their
      salmon fillets ) with outstanding sushi to boot.

    2. IMHO, the fish market on 7th Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets (Ocean Seafood) is not very good. The one a little further down 7th, between 3rd and 4th (Park Slope Seafood?) is better and fresher.

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        That's interesting. I've been to Ocean a bunch of times. I always smell the fish before buying and look for other things like the texture and color, and have been happy with the quality. I'm not discounting the one further up between 3rd and 4th - I think their quality is good too but I buy from Ocean.

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          I agree that PSS (if that is the name of the one further south on Seventh Ave.) tends to have better overall quality and their cleaners tend to follow instructions better--I got a whole snapper at Ocean once that came out looking like it got caught up in the propeller. They both can be quite good, though, and are close enough together that one can sniff, check the gills, look the catch in the eye, note the price and then walk to the other to compare.

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            fish tales or fairway. you may also find something good on 8th Ave, Brooklyn's Chinatown. Lots of live shrimp etc.

          2. I 2nd parkslopemama's thoughts on Ocean Seafood. I've been going to Fish Tales in Cobble Hill (Court at Bergen St.) for years and find their fish consistently fresh and reasonably-priced. Also, the service is great: friendly and very helpful, esp. in advising what's fresh and local, how to cook things, and what quantities to buy.

            1. the best fish in the nabe i've found is at the grand army plaza greenmarket on saturday morning's.

              1. Actually, the Fairway in Red Hook/Gowanus has an excellent variety of fish that is of excellent quality.

                1. will second the rec. for Fish Tales on Court St. reliably excellent in just about every way. (try the soups too)

                  1. Best quality: Grand Army Farmer's market.. but they close December 23 for the winter
                    2nd best: Fish Tales and Fairway. and Bklyn chinatown 8th ave and 58th?
                    street. (2markets across the street from each other), but you have to watch out in at the chinatown places too. Sometimes they sneak in some old fish mixed with the super fresh ones.

                    the rest; simply cruddy.. those 7th ave places have fish that is almost always at least slightly over the hill, not "off" but certainly not fresh enough to serve as sashmi and or tartare, and if its not good enough to eat raw , its not really that nice to eat cooked either.

                    I think other than the above choices, its better to buy quality frozen fish such as Eco Fsh ,, that tends to taste pretty good.

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                      I simply dont believe the 7th Ave fish stores do enough business to have adequate turnover/fresh fish. It would be better to have one very good fish store than a bunch of just-hanging on and diversifying to make a go of it ones. Also, what happened to buying fish whole? I have a lot more confidence when I can SEE the fish.

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                        IMO, trust your eyes and nose over speculation about volume. Fairway does huge volume and some of what they sell wouldn't pass for catfish bait and some is sashimi-grade.
                        At any fish place, there will be some out that has been sitting a day or two and some that just came in this morning. The trick is discerning b/t the two.

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                          Yes, I agree. I bought three pounds of the cheap jumbo shrimp from Fairway about a week ago, then decided I didn't have enough. I went to Ocean on 7th Ave to get another pound (at nearly double the price). I had expected the Fairway shrimp to be far fresher and better (due to volume), but it wasn't the case. The Ocean shrimp smelled better, were plumper and had a better texture than those from Fairway. (Not that the Fairway ones were bad; the difference was just evident when I compared them side by side.) Go figure. I have no idea how markets buy shrimp, but maybe Fairway must be buying some second rate ones and that's why they're so cheap. That said, I don't think I have the fish sense to tell the super good, super fresh shrimp from the sort of fresh decent ones when they're sitting there on ice..

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                            the wild shrimp at fairway are not second rate. maybe
                            you prefer farm raised. the shrimp you purchased are farmed,
                            frozen and thawed and by no means fresh.

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                              maybe I am wrong but my impression is that there is no shrimp sold in NY that has not been previously frozen. Its thawed out for sale in fish stores. Obviously freshness will relate to how well it was processed and handled from harvest to store, and how long its sat there on the ice once thawed. "Fresh" is only a relative term in this context.

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                                Absolutely true that 99% of the shrimp in NY was frozen @ some point, so it becomes a question of how long and how it's been handled.

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                                  wild edibles occasionally sells shrimp that is fresh and not

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                                    If you want fresh shrimp your best bet is go to go chinatown. They have live shrimp as well as head on shrimp. Typically head on shrimp are never frozen as the heads don't freeze well.

                        2. the c-town on 9th st between 5th and 6th actually has a pretty good fish section. and union market on union and 6th is very good, though pricey. best selection i've seen though has to be fairway.

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                            c-town? you have GOT to be kidding? i would not send my worst enemies into that place, ESPICIALLY for seafood.

                          2. Thanks to the responses I received I tried Fish Tales last night. It was great and we will definitely be going back. As for Fairway, I was disappointed the one time I purchased fish there so I never tried again. I will definitely check out the farmers market when I can. Thanks!

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                              fairway has some amazing deals if you pick and chose. i purchased fantastic wild jumbo shrimp last week for seven bucks a pound.

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                                Second Fish Tales and Grand Army, but it is not going to be a secret anymore after this posting but there is a fish wholesale place that will sell retail Monday through Friday before 11:30 a.m. It is DiMartino's on Douglass Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues. Everything is fresh. The diver scallops ruin you for any other scallops. They have frozen, gulf coast shrimp. They supply every major restaurant in Brooklyn & Manhattan. They also have great caviar for good prices. This is the Studio 54 of fish markets so follow the rules. Never after 11:30 a.m. This is not a store. You ring the bell and tell them you want to buy fish. A guy lets you in and you tell him what you want. Also the week before Christmas they open to the public.
                                good luck gt

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                                  THANK YOU! I've been that place a million times and never cracked the code . . .
                                  but I never went before 11:30am.

                              2. Fish Tales is all I ever use, even after trying a half dozen others in the city and BK. They are the best, and if you're ever making tuna tartare theirs is the only thing you should use. The guys are sweet and will hold anything you want if you call ahead. They tend to run out quickly on weekends so best to reserve early.

                                1. Another invaluable feature of Fish Tales: they will peel the shrimp (is "peel" the correct verb? shell? husk?) for a minimal fee. They also sell homemade fish stock which I've used to make soups and sauces.

                                  There is another fish store on Court between President and Union. Their selection is smaller, but there are always two or three customers shopping whenever I go so I'm assuming the turnover is rapid.

                                  1. I also think that Union Market has a great fish counter. Fits your needs too, it's nothing fancy, but good selection, fresh fish, and good prices, too. Beyond that, the GAP farmer's market.

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                                      totally agree about Union Market, good quality and close-by.
                                      GAP greenmarket fish is the best, but everyday is not Saturday and they close up for a few months (Jan - March I think)

                                      I have *not* had great luck at Fairway - iodine-y shrimp 2x, so no more.
                                      Love Chinatown, too

                                    2. Since I like to purchase my fish on the day it will be consumed, my choices are limited to the the two fish markets on Seventh Ave. (although the fish and smoked fish at the GAP Greenmarket is far superior). Recently, the market between 3rd and 4th began selling grouper. I have now purchased grouper there three times (grilled it each time, once making Gulf Coast-style grouper sandwiches) and found it fresh, flavorful and consistent. I am confident the fish is at least three days from its catch, but it has obviously been handled well.
                                      It's nice to be able to find an alternative to the usual selection (tuna, salmon, flounder, snapper, etc.).

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                                        just picked up some salmon, tuna and scallops from parkslope seafood market (7th ave)and all is fine. here is a decent site(not just for PS):


                                      2. Sealand on Flatbush near Sterling Place has a great selection, is always fresh, and the fillets are generous.