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Dec 4, 2006 04:23 PM

Fish Market in Park Slope

I have been having a hard time finding a great fresh fish market. Im sure its out there and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Park Slope preferred but would go to Carroll Gardens as well. It doesnt need to be fancy, just fresh.

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  1. I'm not sure if you've tried this place but there is a fish market on 7th ave between 2nd and 3rd st that has a nice selection and all the times I've bought there I've been happy with the quality. I think their prices are reasonable too.

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    1. re: pellegrino31

      Yeh, I have tried both stores on 7th Ave., and I like Ocean Fish better.
      Quality products and selections. I find their fillets to be fresher ( I love their
      salmon fillets ) with outstanding sushi to boot.

    2. IMHO, the fish market on 7th Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets (Ocean Seafood) is not very good. The one a little further down 7th, between 3rd and 4th (Park Slope Seafood?) is better and fresher.

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        That's interesting. I've been to Ocean a bunch of times. I always smell the fish before buying and look for other things like the texture and color, and have been happy with the quality. I'm not discounting the one further up between 3rd and 4th - I think their quality is good too but I buy from Ocean.

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          I agree that PSS (if that is the name of the one further south on Seventh Ave.) tends to have better overall quality and their cleaners tend to follow instructions better--I got a whole snapper at Ocean once that came out looking like it got caught up in the propeller. They both can be quite good, though, and are close enough together that one can sniff, check the gills, look the catch in the eye, note the price and then walk to the other to compare.

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            fish tales or fairway. you may also find something good on 8th Ave, Brooklyn's Chinatown. Lots of live shrimp etc.

          2. I 2nd parkslopemama's thoughts on Ocean Seafood. I've been going to Fish Tales in Cobble Hill (Court at Bergen St.) for years and find their fish consistently fresh and reasonably-priced. Also, the service is great: friendly and very helpful, esp. in advising what's fresh and local, how to cook things, and what quantities to buy.

            1. the best fish in the nabe i've found is at the grand army plaza greenmarket on saturday morning's.

              1. Actually, the Fairway in Red Hook/Gowanus has an excellent variety of fish that is of excellent quality.