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Dec 4, 2006 04:19 PM

Filipino Food in Historic Filipinotown?

My wife and I are recent NYC transplants who are accustomed to wandering neighborhoods by foot to find great hidden restaurants. Obviously, this stategy poses problems in a place like LA.

We live in Historic Filipinotown (wedged in between Silverlake, Echo Park, and Westlake... very close to Koreatown and Downtown as well). We haven't even found FILIPINO food within our neighborhood, which makes us feel like we must be driving around town with our eyes closed.



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  1. Well, Historic Filipinotown is "historic" because way back in history, some Filipinos used to live there. There aren't, to my knowledge, ANY Filipino restaurants there.

    The Filipino areas are south Glendale and Eagle Rock, Panorama City, and La Habra or south Hacienda Heights.

    I've enjoyed Max's of Manila in Glendale.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Didn't know La Habra and Hacienda Heights have Filipino restaurants/shops (and I drive by those places a lot).

      There's also a pocket in West Covina around Azusa road. The common chains are there - Pinoy Pinay, Goldilocks.

      1. re: notmartha

        There's a little Filipino section centred on the Jollibee on Fullerton Road (or Harbor Blvd., not sure exactly when that changes name). There's also a Seafood City (Filipino grocery store) in there and a Goldilocks Bakery.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          That's strange. Looked up Goldilock's website and the only one in that area is the one I know of in West Covina. But the supermarket there is Island Pacific, and there's a Pinoy Pinay facing the Amar Road side.

          I think Harbor turns into Fullerton when you enter into Rowland Heights (near the Shea Homes).

          Just curious because I go through La Habra every workday and as far as I know there's nothing much of culinary significance there.

      2. re: Das Ubergeek

        My Filipino wife and I live in Filipinotown, and we aren't alone. As far as Filipino restaurants, there are several. Just at the intersection of Santa Monica and Vermont--in Vergil Village just outside of Filipinotown--there are two of them, though none are quite as good as Bahai Kubo (which isn't great either, but pretty good--although the pork adobo is rather fatty). You can also find several Filipino stores on Vermont in the same area, though Das is right in that few exist actually within Filipinotown.

        The best Filipino restaurant I've tried is all the way out in Panorama City, and is now named Bahai Kubo as well. The sesig is excellent!

        1. re: ErnestBershnergalderf

          try kapistahan on temple street & bonnie brae. good food is worth the wait.

      3. Filipino food can be found at Nanay Gloria's (Eagle Rock Blvd/ Verdugo exit off the 2 at the Rite Aid shopping center)

        Dj's Bibingkahan on Vermont/3rd. Red Ribbon is still there (next to an Asian grocery)

        Jollibee is at the WEstfield Shopping center in Eagle Rock as well (Colorado x Eagle Rock)

        1. bahai Kubo on Temple west of alvarado is worth a try

          1. Welcome to L.A.-- although the immediate area you are in is a bit of a culinary wasteland, fortunately you are only a mile or two from some great stuff, mostly from non-Filipino cuisines. After reading this board for a while, I've come to the conclusion that while you will find Filipino fast food places and small cafes, it's more of a home-cooking cuisine. In addition to Bahai Kubo above, there's a place called Manila Sunset on Sunset in the mini-mall next to Rambutan Thai which is ok.
            If you're interested in non-Filipino food, check out the Taco Zone truck on Alvarado north of Sunset, TiGeorges Chicken on Glendale Blvd., Brooklyn Bagel Bakery on Beverly, the Pacific Dining Car and of course many other places in Silver Lake and Echo Park.

            1. Manila Good Ha on Vermont around 2nd Street has good, cheap Filipino food.

              Also there's a Jollibee (filipino owned fast food) at Vermont and Beverly (i think) just south of the 101 freeway on Vermont.

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              1. re: alskii

                I do like Manila Good-Ha quite a lot -- there are branches everywhere, though I usually go to Manila Good-Ha sa Panorama. Be careful of housekeeping -- sometimes the hot food line foods aren't hot. Stick to fresh-cooked foods and you'll be fine. I love their breakfasts.

                1. re: Das Ubergeek

                  There is - or was - a Good Ha on Colorado in Glendale (west of Glendale Blvd - in the same shopping center as the Little Cesar's pizza.

                  Manila Good Ha Inc.
                  900 E Colorado St
                  Glendale, CA 91205
                  (818) 662-0971