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Dec 4, 2006 04:02 PM

Blue Ribbon, Tennesee's or FireFly's for a party

We're looking to have serve BBQ for an upcoming party. Which of the three below is best?

Blue Ribbon BBQ
Tennesee's BBQ
FireFly's BBQ

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  1. I'd go with Blue Ribbon. I was at a party last year that was catered by them, and everything was delicious (the mac and cheese was my favorite!).

    1. You can't go wrong with Firefly's either. They do a great job catering. And they have fried chicken! :)

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      1. re: Angel Food

        Blue Ribbon is hard to beat in NYC, and they have variety the other two cannot touch.

          1. re: Angel Food

            Maybe he's talking bout Blue Smoke in NYC?

            1. re: Angel Food

              There are several (related to each other) restaurants in NYC. BR Sushi, and BR in Brooklyn. They however have NOTHING to do with Blue Ribbon BBQ in the Boston area.

        1. I would vote for Firefly's followed by Blue Ribbon. I have never been to Tennesee's so I can't comment on them. Firefly's in Framingham is my favorite BBQ place. I like their ribs, pulled chicken, fried chicken, diced beef brisket and pulled pork. At Blue Ribbon BBQ I like their beef brisket and pulled chicken. The side orders at Blue Ribbon are also very good except I didn't like their mac and cheese.

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          1. re: buffet king

            I recently had Blue Ribbon's grits with jalapenos. I was thinking about them just this morning! Spicy and good.

            1. re: Pat Hammond

              Pat -- so glad to see you went back for the grits. Deeeeeeelicious!

          2. I've only had Firefly's at a BBQ competition but it was pretty good. You can't go wrong with Blue Ribbon either. Tennesse's is passable but I'd do Lester's before I'd do Tennessee's. I need to try more of Lester's before I could say if I like it better then Blue Ribbon.

            1. I have preferred Firefly's catering to their actual in-house meals in the past... I am not sure why this is, but the quality had definitely been better at catered events. The SO and I were excited about making it to the restaurant after having Firefly's at an event, but I found their in-house food underwhelming.

              I prefer Blue Ribbon overall, although I haven't been to anything they have catered!