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Dec 4, 2006 03:54 PM

calling all truffle makers

If any of you home cooking hounds have some fabulous truffle flavoring suggestions I'm all ears. I'm planning to make some chocolate truffles later this week and I'm looking for some suggestions as to how to flavor them. The truffles will be made with semi-sweet chocolate and Iwas planning to dust them with cocoa powder rather than rolling them in the chocolate coating. I'm thinking that 3-4 flavors would make for nice variation, but without making me crazy. The person I am making them for won't touch alcohol, so non-alcohol based flavors would be ideal (extracts are ok). Thanks!

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  1. I made a few flavors awhile back, and everyone's favorite was the mint. Just put a drop or two of peppermint oil in the ganache and stir. You can use extract as well, but I like oil because it's so strong.

    1. I'm a fan of sweet/savory combinations and my fiery chocolate treats are always a favorite with friends and family - so i'd suggest adding a little heat - cayenne pepper maybe - to your taste preference.

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        Good idea--I had some chipotle truffles that were really good.

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          I love savory truffles; they're so interesting and delicious. I've had some with yellow curry powder that was heavy on cumin, and they were the most fascinating truffles.

        2. chocolate star anise.

          Make some hazelnut praline, grind it up & add it to your truffle base. Gives a nice crunch.

          Someone sent me this link to a pumpkin truffle they wanted me to make for them.

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            Make sure you use a butter-based ganache, though, or the praline will probably lose its crunch.

            I had a chamomile infused chocolate once that was *wonderful*.

            Kate Zuckerman's new pastry book has some interesting flavor combos like white chocolate/grapefruit/hazelnut.

          2. Vanilla bean? I bought a vanilla bean to heat in the cream; not sure how much vanilla flavor might come through.

            1. I second the mint idea. And, you could roll them in crushed up candy canes instead of the cocoa powder. I've been selling these and people love them. I also roll some of my truffles in a cinnamon/confectioners' sugar coating, which adds a nice flavor.

              Another idea I've been wanting to try, but haven't yet, is to steep some chai tea in the cream before adding the chocolate. And then maybe rolling them in a powdered ginger/confectioners' sugar coating.

              The other idea I've been meaning to try is mixing in a little nutella into the ganache mixture. Then, you could roll them in ground up hazelnuts or the hazelnut praline as someone else suggested.

              The possibilities are endless!

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                I've done a version with Earl Grey tea steeped in the cream. Added a delicious richness of flavor and people kept saying..."what is that taste, i love it but can't put my finger on it!"

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                  Along these lines, you can buy bergamot extract which is the floral citrus note in earl grey. My local market has around 40 extracts in the bath section for aromatherapy, but they're organic and things like lavender, bergamot, rose and other similar extracts are perfectly safe for eating.

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                    SteveG, how much would you put in? I bet it's a very fine balance! TIA.

                    1. re: AmandaEd

                      Unfortunately it didn't have a good eye dropper, just a glass peg which released unevenly sized small drops.

                      I guess the answer is, not much and to taste. I used it to flavor a buttercream I sandwiched between orange blossom scented macarons. My buttercream was 100% egg yolk since I had used the whites for the macaron cookie, and it made a beautiful yellow color. Heated carefully to 160 degrees, this buttercream was very solid once chilled and made a good macaron filling; I think it would hold up in truffles too but I like my truffles chocolatey!

                2. re: dukegirl

                  I've made the chai & earl grey. Both are really good.