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Dec 4, 2006 03:53 PM

dinner near the algonquin

I'm looking for somewhere to go to dinner near the algonquin (on 44th ) since I'm taking my folks i hope to andrea marcovicci. Any idea's? I've not been back to the city in years, and I'm already obsessing about my other dining choices, so if anyone can help me out with this one...

I know they have a dinner show but.........

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  1. dbBistro Moderne is on the same block as the Algonquin. It's 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's upscale take on modern French bistro cuisine. The food's excellent, and the space has attractive contemporary decor.

    If you prefer other cuisines or something less expensive, there are other options though not as close.

    1. thanks so much, db was on my list anyway, i never thought to check the address. dugh.

      1. You'll be 2 blocks from Grand Central Terminal, which has a few killer restaurants including the super-classic "Oyster Bar", "Michael Jordans Steak House", and a few more. Also right now in the main concourse there is a light show of NYC images being projected onto the magnificent walls and ceiling. Its pretty cool.

        1. It is a little further away, but I recommend the Modern- Danny Meyers restaurant at MOMA. The formal dining room overlooks the sculpture garden and is a prix fixe, the barroom is more casual and fun, and is a lot of shared plates - tarte flambe is great in the barroom.