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Dec 4, 2006 03:53 PM

Mark's in Glastonbury CT

Looks like Mark's (Main Street, Glastonbury) re-opened - any one been recently? I think it was closed for nearly a year, is it same owners - same name but new sign...
Be interested in a review

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  1. $16 for a bean and chicken burrito? umm, no thanks. i am going to stay out just based on that disgusting abuse of rich glastonbury snobs who will probably pay such premiums.

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    1. re: goodbyeohio

      Have to say I am very disapointed in Mark's, we got a pizza from there a few weeks ago and it was horrible, seriously, frozen pizza is better....I know he just started with the pizza oven but it needs major work...

      1. re: geminigirl

        I beg to differ with your review. Actually, I think the Pizza surprisingly enough is probably some of the best that I have had. The crust is awesome and you most definitely can tell that the sauces are scratch made. I've had the Tuskin Chicken,S.W.Eggplant,and their White and Regular Pies...and I have yet to find any better tasting Pies. Like clock work every Friday we order our Pies from Mark's now and haven't been dissappointed!

    2. Mark's has reopened. They just faxed me the new menu and it is a mixture of sandwiches, salads, Mexican and pizza. Sandwiches are $6.75 to $7.95. Pizza is $7.95 (for small plain) to $19.95 for Mexican Specialty pie. Salads are $4.50 to $9.95 and Mexican (burrito or quesadilla) are $13.95 to $15.95. Seems a bit high but then again I always thought Marks always was pricey for what you get. I doubt I will be going there. It is hard to spend that much on a sandwich when for half the price you can get twice as much at Highland Park.

      goodbyeohio - While I am taken aback by your comment on some of the residents of Glastonbury, I will say that I agree that Mark's was overpriced for what you get and that a lot of people still went there. Glastonbury does lack inexpensive quality places to eat (IMHO) that is why we rarely eat here in town. Jay

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      1. re: JayCT

        i am partly joking, as i am now currently a gbury resident and feel that i am entitled to poke fun at my own townies. however, i see this pricing trend in town that defies logic.

        take ambassador of india for example. there are excellent indian restaurants in just about every surrounding town, many of which are better than AoI, and somehow they do a brisk business pricing their entrees $5 higher than any other area joint. char koon has the same glas-inflation. but then you have some more reasonable places like chikurin.. it's a toss-up i guess. still, there are some snoots around ;-)

        1. re: JayCT

          You know, all this fuss about this Mark's Restaurant got my attention and I started checking out all these various items that you've been talking about. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. I got a chicken/bean burritto and it was great. It easily fed two of us and must have weighed close to 2 kidding! Fifteen dollars for a dinner thats scratch made with no preservatives doesn't really seem unreasonable to me? It's my understanding that all the foods are made from scratch, with no preservatives...and are original recipies. I've been to Friendly's and have had a burger and shake and with tip spent at least 15 bucks and that's nothing but processed crap! I also had their Mexican wraps and let me tell you for $ 7.95 you can't do any better with bang for your buck. If one is looking for processed industrial waste and chooses to budget 5 bucks for a meal so be it, certainly a choice that one can make. I just can't agree with some of the bashing that this restaurant has received...the pricing is fair and the food is great! Keep on Mark's have a loyal new customer~

        2. I am a local too and I know what you mean. There are a lot of people who do not care what they spend on food as long as it is the trendy place to be. I do not mind paying a little more for good food, but a lot of restaurants in this town go overboard. Actually we tend to go out of town to eat.

          My biggest gripe is with Pazzos. I was among their first regular customers. They had good food at a reasonable price. As soon as they started doing well they jacked up their prices by a couple of bucks and eliminated their lunch menu. I and several friends stopped going there, but we were in the minority. The place still does well.

          I do not mind Char Koon because it does have the best quality of food IMHO and I feel it is worth the little extra. For us though it is a haul down to South Glastonbury. We were regulars at their sister restaurant, Jasmine, before it closed last year. We really miss that place because the rest of the chinese/asian restaurants are very run of the mill and don't offer much in the way of quality.

          I haven't tried Chikrin. My wife has but wasn't overly impressed. Maybe one day we will it again. Jay

          1. Didn't mean to start a firestorm & I'm also taken aback by the tone of the original reply by goodbyeohio - I was just interested in the restaurant.

            IMHO a large number of factors play into making a restaurant worth the money I'm willing to pay to eat there - quality of food is obviously paramount but so is ambience, service & convenience & seems like everyone would have their own opinions on what is worthwhile - I'm not sure they should be judged quite so harshly on that.......Also restaurants are businesses so you can hardly blame them for charging what their customers will pay....

            Seems like the prices at Mark's are in line with Luna & Panera which are probably the most obvious competition & I admit to a bias to support local places rather than chains if they're any good..I still haven't seen any reviews of the food (guess I should actually go there myself :)

            With respect to the restaurants you mention :-
            I happen to dislike the food at both Char Koon and Chikurin but the service and variety/quality of food is much better at Char Koon & I'm not sure the prices are that different.

            I happen to really like the Ambassador of India's food, but find the service slow so I tend to go elsewhere (Priya mainly), but I haven't found any Indian restaurants with quite as nice an environment and yes sometimes that matters to me more than a couple of $'s.

            Glastonbury has a range of restaurants at a range of prices & the most disappointing thing for us since we moved here has been that despite a large number of restaurants (part of the reason we moved there) very few are one's we actually enjoy - at any price point.

            1. I understand your disappointment in the restaurants here in town. I find many of them overpriced and with not much ambience. Max Amore is disappointing in that you pay ridiculous prices for a bowl of pasta. I have gone there several times to literally find nothing on the menu to my liking. Plus I can make better pasta at home for a fraction of the price. My wife liked Gilberts but I thought it to be just okay with no ambience at all. If I am going to spend that amount I want a little something more than sitting in a wood booth in a qussy-upped box storefront. I actually preferred Chuck's in Rocky Hill. At least they have a pretty good salad bar.

              We haven't tried Glas yet but will one of these days and we are really looking forward to the new Max Seafood being built at Somerset Square. Good seafood is hard to come by in this area and it would be nice to have something decent in town. Anyway, it was nice to hear other local opinions. We are not gourmets and do not eat out a lot. Jay