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Dec 4, 2006 03:48 PM

Solea, Waltham - Desserts!

We celebrated a birthday on Saturday night at Solea in Waltham - the joint was jumping - we all enjoyed the various tapas - all excellent to good, although a standout was the shortribs with some kind of banana puree - sort of like a carmelized, sweet barbecue, not too strong of a banana flavor - very tasty; a sausage with fig sauce was also very good - patatas pretty good....

But the real surprise of the evening was how good the desserts were! Even after being stuffed, we decided to be excessive and split three -

Brazo Gitano, Almond Encrusted Sponge Cake with a Lime Custard Filling served with a Spiced Rum Caramel & Ginger Ice Cream - this was my favorite - very subtle flavors - very light - I could have had two more...

Quesada de Banana, Chocolate Crusted Cheesecake covered with Rum Spiced Bananas & Caramel Sauce - this was a close second - cheesecake does not do it justice - the cheesecake was extremely light - not at all like typical of the genre - bananas again surprisingly subtle.

Filloa de Dulce De Leche, Crepe with a Vanilla Cream, Fresh Berry & Dulce De Leche Filling - did not get to try this one, but it was gone - several big blackberries and blueberries that tasted fresh.

It is now on my list of dessert places - perfect to end there with good coffee, dessert and some tasty Ports.

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  1. oh boy; i am looking forw to this.thank you.

    1. Funny, I never liked any of the desserts there. Im allergic to bananas so never tried that one. But generally i go to the icecream place across the street! I love solea though.

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        Who knows? Maybe the wine went to my head.

        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          Others in my groups have said the banana one was really good, thats the only one i have not tried.