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Dec 4, 2006 03:45 PM

Good place for a department lunch near Front/Spadina

I've been tasked with finding a restaurant for our Christmas lunch a couple Friday's from now. We're located at Front/Spadina but even with all the choices nearby, I don't know where to go due to some restrictions.

1. Party of 10
2. There is a vegetarian in the group
3. Spicy is out (or I would have chosen Indian)
4. Average price before tax should not exceed $15
5. Should not take more than 1.5 hours

Normally I would have chosen Cora's as I love that place but we did our last team lunch there. The one before that was dim sum in China Town and before that we went to Fred's Not Here.

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  1. How about Marinela's? We took a group of 16 people for lunch there last month. We were seated upstairs and our 2 vegetarians and 1 lactose intolerant had no problems finding things on the menu. I think we were in and out in an hour and a half. Just let them know of your time restrictions and they'll accommodate you. Here's their website so you can check out the menu:

    1. I ate at Pizza Rustica one time a year ago and it was very good. It is at Blue Jay Way and Wellington.

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        me too, ate at Pizza Rustica a year ago and it was good - I think it would be very good for that kind of group lunch

      2. Thanks for the tips!
        I think we'll try Marinelas first and then we'll do Rustica next.

        1. Asakusa Japanese (on King just east of Spadina) seems to be quite decent and have inexpensive set lunches. But with 16 people you would be taking up the whole restaurant!

          1. I agree with Pizza Rustica, it is delicious! Thai Princess is also very good on King, just east of Spadina. If you like Indian I suggest Aroma which has the BEST lunch buffet and is at the corner of King and John on the second floor.

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              I have to say IMO Siddhartha (king/bath) is WAY better than Aroma! ;)

              1. re: deelicious

                I've been to Siddhartha for dinner and it was good, just a little far for me to try the lunch buffet. But I will try to get over there for lunch sometime!

                1. re: TOfoodie

                  I've only been to Aroma once but it was underwhelming. I like VERY spicy food. I was very clear when I told the server to may my order extra extra extra spicy than what they would normally service. He smiled and nodded and then when my items arrived it was like they totally ignored my request b/c it was the same level of spice as all of the other dishes at the table. To give you a point of reference when I got to Gandhi for roti I get the hot one and add pepper sauce when I get home.