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Zoe's and Shangri-La: what are your fav items plse?

these are going to be my next asian forays i think. would you all
plse tell me your fav items for one or both places? thanks so much.

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  1. My favorite dish is Dry Diced Chicken with Hot Chili. It's roughly 1/3 little bits of chicken, well-seasoned and fried crispy, 1/3 fresh, not very hot sliced green chilis, and 1/3 hot dried red chilies. Yum!

    1. You should search for prior posts on Shangri-la. Striperguy has a lot of ideas, and we had a chow-gathering there last year. Lots of good leads.

      At Zoe's, I particularly like the cumin lamb -- very spicy, and superior to Mulan's Hunan lamb which is the only weak thing I've found on their menu so far. Waitress assured us it would be spicy but it wasn't at all.

      1. zoe's i think is not quite as good as it was a couple years back, but i still like the twice cooked pork and lion's head meatballs. dumplings are good but not great. things that i haven't ordered for some time that used to be good and interesting were the chicken with sheet jelly and the red bean pancake. duck with funny pepper used to be my favorite dish here, but that one's certainly not what it once was.

        shangri la i've mostly only gone at dim sum time, which is a good time to go as there's lots of nice options--good pan fried turnip cake and bean curd skin roll, among others. the only time i went here for dinner the thing i remember mostly was the pig ear salad, which had a nice bright flavor and interesting texture.

        1. At Shangri-La, my favorites are the seafood tofu clay pot and the baby bok choy with mushrooms (I don't know if these are the right names from the menu; I think the baby bok choy is listed as something undescriptive like "Chinese vegetables"). The seafood in the seafood tofu clay pot is nothing special, but I love the tofu.

          I also like the fish with dry bean sauce, but it seems to get smaller every time we order it.

          1. Zoe's stir fried pea pod stems are awesome. But they're not on the menu. They fall under "vegetable of the day." So ask what the veggies of the day are, and the pea pod stems will be one of your options. So so tasty. I also love the lamb & cumin, the tea smoked duck, and the ma po tofu.

            1. My Shangri-La favorites include fried turnip cake, ravioli in spicy sauce, pork with preserved mustard (fatty but delicious), cold beef tripe appetizer, any of their Kung Pao dishes (especially squid), spicy eggplant (full of Thai basil), Yu-Shiang eggplant with pork,noodles in Peking meat sauce and crispy orange beef. Yumm!


              1. My Shangri-La favorite included the stir-fried green beans.

                At Zoe's, which I frequent much more, I have no recommendation.

                1. It's been quite a while since my last Zoe's visit so all I'll say is that dumplings have never been a strong point, and if they have the chicken w/sheet jelly, try it. I really liked their family-style chicken which is unusual, having that sort of camphorated taste you get from stir-frying star anise, sichuan pepper & ginger, but is not nearly so nice reheated.

                  Lots of posts on Shangri-La. That ginger chicken braise is really good. Also try the bean sprout appetizer which is *nothing* like the menu description. Or the green bean starch w/cucumber, IIRC they have the same sauce.

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                    Yes, both of those appetizers at Shangri-La are good, and they both have the same delicious sauce. Everything there has been good. If you like fish, the fish with dry bean sauce and fish with fried tofu were fantastic.

                    I get delivery from Zoe's often, but have such a tumultuous relationship that I can't really recommend anything. The one dish I haven't gone wrong with is the dry diced chicken with chilis, but it should be ordered with the understanding that there are hundreds of dried hot chilis in the dish.

                  2. Zoe's has a Hunanese chicken dish which is actually quite good. I'm afraid I didn't quite catch the name in Chinese -- tu - something - ji, or earth - ??? - chicken. It's got a wonderfully smoky flavor, almost reminiscent of Southern style barbecue. U.S. Southern style barbecue.

                    The rest, you can take or leave, unfortunately, as far as I'm concerned.


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                      I stopped at the Brookline Zoe's for takeout last Thurs. Got the lamb cumin which was good but not as good as New Taste of Asia. Peking ravioli were decent, with a side of rice it was $19. They seemed a little unorganized at the front desk. And they need to turn down the lights in that room on the left.

                    2. For the database: Shangri-La's double-cooked roast beef is quite tasty (and spicy). It's a stir-fry with cabbage, so maybe not on the same table as the very nice non-spicy pork with cabbage in bean sauce. Those cellophane noodles are a great version and very hot/spicy.