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Carlo's Cucina - still getting it right!

I'd seen a couple of postings indicating that they might be going downhill, but am happy to report that last night at least it was as good as ever. We ordered a couple of classics - veal parmigiana and osso buco - and both were excellent. The veal in the parm was tender and tasty, and the osso buco was a large, thick, marrow-filled cut of shank served over a huge mound of risotto, all of it smothered with the sauce & veggies from the pot - SOOO good!

Friendly, efficient service and an excellent bottle of Chianti Classico made the entire experience a pleasure from start to finish, with a total tab for two (including 20%+ tip) of $88.

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  1. I just love that place...

    1. Agree. Never had a problem and the food/service is always excellent.

      1. Bob, where's this place located?

        1. Brighton Ave near Harvard Ave

          1. It's small and often a wait, especially on weekends.

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              Quite true. We got there last night about 6:30 figuring we'd beat the crowd, but we still had to wait fifteen minutes for a table.

              In light of that I'd like to revoke my comments above and tell you all that their food is AWFUL and you should all STAY AWAY!

              Thank you.


            2. BobB - I was the one who reported a few weeks ago that it was going downhill. It could have been an off night as they were getting ready to do a private party and I have always had a good meal there many times before. I hope your findings are correct. But I was annoyed with their servings that night. Ciao

              1. I also ate at Carlo's Cucina this weekend for the first time. The veal parmagiana was very very good! Gnocchi is also excellent. To start, I had a plate of their broccoli rabe, a side which they were kind enough to serve me as an appetizer. Yummy!

                1. I ended up here this weekend after our original plan fell through. I was torn between the chicken parm and the osso bucco (which the waitress said was a special that night). I ended up with the parm since I had it stuck in my head and didn't want something too heavy. I really enjoyed my meal and will get back for that osso bucco if it's still being offered.

                  On the down side, my girlfriend was not too impressed with the pescarese. She thought it needed more flavor. I had a couple of bites and didn't think it was bad. The shrimp definitely dominate the flavor.

                  1. I think their simple salad is really good. It has the perfect blend of olive oil and vinegar. I should also add that my attempts at home to replicate such a simple combination have resulted in utter failure!