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Dec 4, 2006 02:46 PM

alas... my office has moved to Armonk...

therefore, the proximity to port chester I've loved the last three years is no longer quite as convenient. While I know that PC and WP aren't terribly far, are there any places within a quick distance for decent food?

I've been to a few places in Mt Kisko, but looking for places even closer than that at this point. Is there anything in armonk or very close by that is worth it for lunch? Though, if the suggestions are few, branching farther out is welcomed!

So... suggestions? Would love any and all ideas. Extra points, of course, for different cuisines and, especially, for inexpensive finds.

Thanks in advance, and, as a return favor, I PROMISE to report back on anything (as always).

Muchas gracias!

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  1. Okay Adam, this is what I know in Armonk:

    Kira Sushi is VERY good. They have fresh fish and unique sushi rolls that are sure to please, however, not cheap!

    2 doors down, they own Kira Steak. It is a traditional japanese steakhouse (which I'm not a big fan of) but I believe is slightly better than most.

    India House has a nice atmosphere and good standard lunch buffet (although it has been a year since I've gone).

    I'm not a fan of David Chen's. It is okay for a quick sit down lunch, but the food IMO is average at best.

    I don't know anywhere to get latin food in Armonk, sorry. Maybe someone else can chime in.

    Where in Mt. Kisco have you been? Azteca and Tacos La Cabana are worth a try while Villa del Sol and Casa Miguel leave something (a lot) to be desired.

    2 other gems in Mount Kisco are Ladle of Love (take out only) for fantastic soups, stews and grilled sandwiches. Their current chef is outstanding and you should ask for what specials they have that day. Usually something terrific. And, Temptation Tea House for asian style tapas and bubble tea.

    Well, that should get you started. Let me know if you need locations of any joint I mentioned.

    Happy searching!

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    1. re: chocolate chick

      La Scala in Armonk is a good Italian Eatery. Very good for the suburbs.

      1. re: chocolate chick

        Great ideas, thanks. I've heard a lot about kira sushi. What kind of place is David Chens?

        in kisko I've been to azteca a couple times and liked it. A couple other places I can't remember right now... last time I was there I did spot a guatemalen place that I'll need to try.

      2. In the middle of town, going towards David Chen, is a very nice Mexican restaurant, not Flores nor Sunset Grille, but very enjoyable all the same.

        Sorry, can't think of the name!

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          1. re: ChuToro

            Thanks for the tip. So is it a sit down kind of place? Or a take out taqueria kind of place?

            1. re: adamclyde

              Sit down.

              And don't tell anyone I told you, but their pitchers of margartias are muy bueno.


        1. Thanks, ChuToro, that's the one.

          1. Almost forgot, adamclyde -- India Cafe and Gavi (Italian) on Old Route 22, down from where the Cider Mill used to be. There used to be a hamburger place on that road as well.

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            1. re: dolores

              Yes, Schultz Farm is no longer there. Too bad to, they had great burgers that were flame grilled. It's a shame its gone.

            2. My sympathies ... I too work in Armonk.

              All of the food with the exception of Kira Sushi is very typical suburban - nothing interesting or remarkable - and expensive.

              Kira Sushi is very good ... and that's about it!

              I found La Scala to be just awful. A huge amount of show and nothing to back it up except a lot of greasy food.

              David Chen .. ok when it's pouring because they deliver.

              Route 22: Typical theme restaurant - mediocre and crowded with little kids and their moms (which is fine just a point of info)

              Beehive (across from Rte. 22) basic, ok, nothing exciting. I have only had salads as everything else looked too gloopy.

              Opus 45 - actually pretty good, but very expensive.

              Memories - typical bar food

              Norma Cafe - take out with a table or two - slim pickings and the food looks pretty dried out.

              ACK (Armonk Country Kitchen) - Decent soup.

              There is suppopsed to be a new Asian Fusion restaurant in the shopping center with the supermarket - haven't tried it yet.

              There is, however, an amazing bakery. I can't remember the name, but if you are on 22 going north through town, turn right at the traffic light and it's a driveway on your left. There is a sign.

              Unfortunately to get anywhere from Armonk takes a while.

              Maybe we can alternate runs to Port Chester!

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              1. re: SLO

                I think the bakery you are referring to is Bee's Cakes. Rave reviews all around.