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Dec 4, 2006 02:24 PM

Best Indian Food in Lower Westchester

It is my daughter's birthday today and she loves Indian food. Any suggestions?

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  1. not sure how low you mean regarding lower westchester, but the old standby - bengal tiger in white plains - is my favorite. But by no means have I made an exhausted sampling of indian in westchester. I'd love to hear more about good finds...

    1. I've heard Coromandel is good, on Division Street in New Rochelle.

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      1. re: dolores

        We went to Coromandel a few weeks ago based on some posts on this board and also very high ratings in Zagat. It should be noted there were quite a few Chowhound naysayers as well. Still, it seemed a good bet. We were really, really disappointed. The food was unexceptional and, in some cases, rather bad. Even the complimentary papadums were overcooked. The breads were ordinary and one of the appetizers we ordered - Shaam Savera a "chef's signature specialty" house specialty - spinach and cottage cheese dumplings in what was supposed to be a tomato honey sauce were tasteless and the sauce tasted like ketchup. The lamb samosas were okay but no better than the ones at the Indian fast food in Grand Central. On entrees, the lamb in the Mirapakaya Mamsam Koora which was supposed to be tender was tough and the sauce uninteresting. The chicken in the tikka was quite good and moist which isn't always the case but the smattering of onions and peppers with them were burned.

        All in all not a good experience and, in retrospect, we should have gone to Bengal Tiger which I haven't been to yet but which my husband has and really likes.

        We also like Tandoori on Main Street in Port Chester - very good.

        1. re: laylag

          I concur on the Coromandel post--although it's a great looking space, the food is unexceptional. I still like Bengal Tiger, although I'd be a happier if we got some great regional Indian places around. Bengal Tiger does great dosas on the weekend--these are wide, crisp, buttery crepes filled with potatoes and masala or other things. The breads at BG, like onion kulcha, are compelling--I tend to skip the rice and sop up my sauce with wonderful, ghee/cilantro/onion topped breads. My one caveat is that their menu is a little staid, just the obvious stuff on the average Anglo-Indian menu, and not anything particularly authentic, regional or interesting.

      2. Oh...sorry to hear that, laylag. I haven't been to Bengal Tiger in a lonng while, but I do remember liking it when I was there.

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        1. re: dolores

          Yes, Coromandel was very disappointing. Especially since we had babysitting and made it a "date night". We were so looking forward to Indian without our daughter because she's not an adventurous eater despite (or because of?) our efforts. Anyway, next time we can we'll go to Bengal Tiger or Tandoori.

          1. re: laylag

            Jaipoore in Brewster is highly regarded (I don't like it) and I like Indian Cafe in Armonk. You might want to give those a try, although they're not on a level with Bengal Tiger.

            1. re: dolores

              and they are not in lower westchester. Has anyone tried Zafran in Yonkers. It is supposed to be Indian fusion...that might be good or just awful.

              1. re: Sambossanova

                yeah i just made a post asking people how Zafran was.... ANYONE BEEN?!

                1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                  Got take out last month. The food was good and fresh, but a little thin on the sauce. And the sauce is what it's all about. Also, the place was empty. A neighbour told me they loved the take out food, but felt weird eating there, because the owner was staring at them all the time, making conversation. I mean, there was no one there...
                  Try the take out, check out the place and see for yourself.
                  I am going back to Coromandel.

        2. Had two perfectly acceptable meals recently at Bukhara Grill in Yonkers, just down the road from the Cross County multiplex on the premises of what used to be another Indian restaurant (Nyauta, AFAIR).

          They have a pretty standard Northern Indian menu (what's not standard is that the menu is a large, heavy, unwieldy and totally unnecessary block of wood), but they do it quite well. Flavors were clear and distinct, lamb was tender and tasty, and our order of garlic naan was fresh and good. Service was friendly and accomodating.

          I wouldn't characterize this as a destination restaurant, and I don't think it's as good overall as Bengal Tiger, but it's another decent option for the area. It's pricier than most, but they've opened with a 20% discount that evens that out. I'd check to see if they're still offering the discount before eating there.

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          1. re: Striver

            I've eaten there when it was Nyauta, found it decent, and nicely spiced, however, their spicing might have been too heavy for folks new to Indian food. Havent tried the place under new management yet - will have to go.

          2. I heard that Coromandel was located in darien??? is there a second one???

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            1. re: FAB

              yes, there is a coromandel in Darien, in the goodwives strip mall, I believe. However, there is also one in NR. Not sure if they are related. Would seem so, but I really don't know.

              1. re: adamclyde

                Yes, they are related. I don't know if Darien is better - I hope so.

                1. re: laylag

                  The food at Coromandel in Darien is exceptional....I've never been to the New Rochelle one but in Darien, and now in South Norwalk, ecerything is exceptional. It's a great atmosphere in both but we definitely go for the food, the seasonings and quality of the cooking.