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Best Cobb Salad

What restaurant would you say has THE best Cobb Salad?

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  1. I like the Cobb at Luna Park.

    1. I crave the Cobb at The Belmont. Very indulgent.

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            Love the grill's Cobb. Who can beat the classic power lunch scene without tude. Service is always good even if you're a nobody!

          2. The Restaurant at the Getty Center has a "Cobb-style" salad that was recently written up in Bon Appetit Magazine: Bleu Cheese, Apples, Cranberries, Chicken, Pecans, and applewood smoked Bacon with Apple Cider Vinaigrette. Amazing!

            1. Breadbar has one, and it was very good, if a little scant on the blue cheese.

              1. Actually, the Turf Club at Santa Anita makes a respectable Cobb, but all in all the Brown Derby is out of biz. Alas. For something completely different, there's the Ty Cobb Salad at Fred 62.

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                  Do you have to pay to enter the race track in order to eat at the Turf Club?

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                    Yes. Well, you may not have to pay if you own horses that run at the track. Now with all the off track betting you may be able to get the Cobb when actual races aren't on, I'm not sure.

                2. Tender Greens in Culver City... yum!

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                    Yeah! High quality ingredients. And that chicken is sooo delicious.

                  2. I would second Coral Tree cafe and also add that Jack and Jills in Santa Monica has an insane cobb. They are very generous with the chicken, bleu cheese, smoked bacon, and avocado.

                    1. I like the one at The Farm in Beverly Hills. The one at The Grill is also good.

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                        The one at The Grill is deliciously creamy as I recall.

                      2. Julienne in San Marino.
                        Not in the same league but the one at the Alcove in Los Feliz is pretty good and you can eat outside in nice surroundings.

                        1. Stanley's in Sherman Oaks has a very good one.

                          1. Had a great one at Joan's on Third a couple of days ago which more than compensated for the disappointing "redefined Cobb" at Surfas Cafe last weekend which offered no cheese, bleu or otherwise, avocado or bacon. I mean why even mention the word Cobb?