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Eggnog: thinking outside of the box

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Are there any bars in town that serve amazing housemade eggnog? Every pub I've been to only serves the supermarket carton kind.

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  1. Ok, thanks to google and Timeout NY for this:

    "Slurping back a glass of eggnog might sound as appealing as cutting into fruitcake, but a few creative homespun versions prove the holiday drink can be tastier than a pour of Silk Nog from the grocery store. At speakeasy Blue Owl (196 Second Ave between 12th and 13th Sts, 212-505-2583), bar manager Charles Hardwick whips up the “Wilson Flip” ($12), a lighter twist on the original, with egg yolks, Brugal Anejo rum and refreshing Crème de Banana. Newcomer Core One Nine One (191 Orchard St between Houston and Stanton Sts, 212-228-9888) is where you can sip a Farmhouse Eggnog ($14), made with St. James Dark Rum and New York State maple syrup, in a martini glass. For a little crunch, chef Stephan Boissel adds crushed toasted pecans to the mix. If you’re in midtown, stop off at Alto (11 E 53rd St between Fifth and Madison Aves, 212-308-1099) for T.J. Siegal’s Italian version in a chilled glass, the Averna Flip ($12). His aromatic egg concoction, laced with Averna Amaro and sprinkled with freshly grated nutmeg, tastes subtly of heavenly coffee. "

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      Thanks for that. You have given me a powerful thirst.

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        The Wilson Flip at the Blue Owl was actually $14 and the drink's inventor no longer works and I don't think the recipe was passed on properly. The drink making process was quite elaborate yet yielded a drink with all the character of Nestle's banana milk quik. Other than that one bad cocktail the bar seems pretty cool actually with a very interesting assortment of seasoned olives.

      2. Pete's Waterfront Ale House serves AMAZING homemade egg nog - Sam's Serious Egg Nog is the name. Whether the actual egg nog base is homemade, I do not know, but the final product is full of fresh cream and freshly-grated nutmeg (according to the recipe, at least) as well as a powerful combination of booze - whisky, three kinds of rum, and cognac. You may enjoy at both of the locations in Manhattan or Brooklyn AND buy a bottle to take home or to a party. It's 22 bucks and worth every penny.

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          Bought my first bottle last night and whole heartedly agree. Its great