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sunday brunch for 10, incl. 2 kids, downtown?

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  • melon Dec 4, 2006 01:59 PM
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I tried to make a reservation at Jane (for Sunday Dec. 10) but it is booked. Can anyone think of any other, equally roomy places that take reservations for largish groups? I found a bunch of brunch posts on the boards but most of the (great-sounding) places seemed a little too small for our purposes. Crowd is a mix of visiting 40-50-somethings and a couple of kids, so friendliness and down-to-earthness is a plus. East Village or Soho preferred.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. You could check out Good on Greenwich Avenue, Brenners Chocolate on University (or maybe Broadway) and L'Express on Park Ave. South. There's also Balthazar or Pastis.

    1. I wish we could do Balthazar but one of our party is here for the weekend and has reservations for something else the day before.

      I found a 12:30 pm reservation for Jacques on Prince Street, is that any good? when I try and search I keep coming up with other restaurants with "jacques" in the name.

      1. Did you try five-points? they have some large tables, they take reservations, and the brunch is great.

        1. Cookshop takes reservations and is large and spacious. And great brunch.

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            ZOE on Prince inbetween Broadway and I think Mercer. Very large, moderate prices including wood oven pizza, great brunch specials, and a great young Chef: Michael Kaphan.