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Dec 4, 2006 01:54 PM

Can an excellent dining experience be had in Niagara Falls?

My partner and I have booked a suite overlooking the falls next weekend for our anniversary. We were going to have dinner atop the Skylon for the novelty factor, but after one look at their boringly traditional and overpriced menu online, we wondered, "Why would we want to pay $50 for chicken cordon bleu when we already have a great view of the falls from our jacuzzi suite?"

So... anyone know of a fabulous, even fine dining restaurant in Niagara Falls, preferably in the downtown area or within a reasonble cab ride of the core so we can enjoy wine with dinner without worrying about driving?


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  1. Someone else will need to report on the new casino, as I haven't been there. Other than that possibility, I'm not aware of any fine dining options in the Falls. There are also many, many horrific places to eat.

    There are a few good home-style Italian places mentioned in other threads.

    What distance from the falls would you consider reasonable?

    1. Ideally, we'd like it within a reasonable cab ride of our hotel, which is right near the falls, so that we can enjoy wine with dinner.

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        Personally, I think you are out of luck. There are options in Niagara on the Lake and St Catharines, and there are a few country places, but the Falls itself is a culinary wasteland. I hope someone can advise you about the casino.

      2. Yeah, I'd have to agree with embee on this one. Wasteland. Good reports about the Casino, but I haven't eaten there. Haven't heard much about Casa Mia lately, but it may be worth an expensive look. Get room service and make your own dessert would be my best advice.

        1. The Wolfgang Puck Cafe and Napoli are the only 2 places I eat when I am in Niagara. Both have above average food.

          1. In the new Casino Galleria's there is what they call the "upscale" (for Niagara Falls anyway) dining room called "17 Noir" that has a decent asian menu as well as "haughty cuisine" as I the locals would call it and right accross from it in the Galleria an acceptable Pan-Asian restaurant namely the Asian Pearl. For finer dining choices one would have to go to Niagara-On-The-Lake, a twenty-five minute car ride away.