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Dec 4, 2006 01:46 PM

Healthy Eating in Jacksonville

I recently moved to the San Marco area in Jacksonville from Tampa. I have been having trouble finding restaurants with healthy eating options here, or that specialize in healthy foods. I am looking more for places to grab and go than sit down places. Any siggestions?

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  1. Try Zoe's in PVB on A1A. Good, fast and healthy.

    1. The Fresh foods counter at Baymeadows and 9A has great wraps a well as many good hot entrees.

      1. Zoe's? 40 miles round trip for a sandwich?

        I'm not exactly sure what "grab and go" is - or "healthy" for that matter - but I suspect the OP can find options in places like Publix - or Costco (longer drive) - etc. Robyn

          1. There's good (organic health food) stuff at the two Native Sun markets (one at 9A and Baymeadows, one on San Jose Blvd close to the 295 interchange). Also a decent place at the St. John's Town Center mall (can't remember the name). For sandwiches that are decent, try the San Marco deli (only opened during lunch M-S) or my favorite Metro Diner (on Hendricks, heading south, just north of the Hendricks Elementary school).