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Healthy Eating in Jacksonville

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I recently moved to the San Marco area in Jacksonville from Tampa. I have been having trouble finding restaurants with healthy eating options here, or that specialize in healthy foods. I am looking more for places to grab and go than sit down places. Any siggestions?

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  1. Try Zoe's in PVB on A1A. Good, fast and healthy.

    1. The Fresh foods counter at Baymeadows and 9A has great wraps a well as many good hot entrees.

      1. Zoe's? 40 miles round trip for a sandwich?

        I'm not exactly sure what "grab and go" is - or "healthy" for that matter - but I suspect the OP can find options in places like Publix - or Costco (longer drive) - etc. Robyn

        1. try Tidbits

          1. There's good (organic health food) stuff at the two Native Sun markets (one at 9A and Baymeadows, one on San Jose Blvd close to the 295 interchange). Also a decent place at the St. John's Town Center mall (can't remember the name). For sandwiches that are decent, try the San Marco deli (only opened during lunch M-S) or my favorite Metro Diner (on Hendricks, heading south, just north of the Hendricks Elementary school).