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Dinner in Old Port Area of Portland

We'll spending the night at the Portland Regency Hotel. We are very open to dining ideas; no budget restraints or food restrictions. Thanks very much.

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  1. There are numerous recent postings, second only to Boston in N.E., on this board for "Portland" and I would suggest you review those. :-)

    1. We stayed at the Portland Regency over the Thanksgiving weekend--see my post http://www.chowhound.com/topics/346186

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        w - this is great. thanks so much for taking the time.

      2. Take a short 15 min. ferry ($3.50) over to Peaks Island to Cockeyed Gull - you'll have an excellent dining experience and see the Portland skyline from another view. Food and service is fabulous. Even if you go for lunch - everything on the menu was fabulous - we spent several days out on this island and several meals (including breakfast) and everyting was outstanding. They've recieved lots of write ups. A bit of Korean flare but not all dishes, excellent steak dishes, nice mix of seafood dishes, everything very fresh and made to order. Reservations definately on the weekend.


        1. I was just in Portland a few weeks ago - went to Fore Street. Atmosphere was wonderful - New England chic. I ordered the whole halibut and had it deconstructed tableside - was fun to watch. Everything on the menu comes from someplace local and it changes daily. Appetizers were great - entrees were solid (not exceptional, but definitely a great experience). Fun to watch the kitchen and the fresh vegetable room...

          1. Oh - forgot - the other place place I'd recommend for breakfast or lunch is Marcy's Diner (near Children's Museum) - small place devoted to Harley bike paraphanelia - just a fun place, especially if you sit at the counter...

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              make sure you get plenty of napkins because the grease will drip down your face otherwise. It has to be good because she uses 1/2 pound of butter with every order, but I still love it there, so make sure you don't tell my wife.
              I much prefer BECKY'S on Commercial Street

            2. I wouldn't eat breakfast at Marcy's or Becky's. Not exactly the cleanest of places. No offense to the people that work or eat there.

              I would go up to the Front Room on munjoy hill. All the breakfast items are on the menu and it is very reasonable.
              www.thefrontroomrestaurant.com has the menu and prices.

              I had a great dinner there last night and a really good breakfast last weekend.

              I think Mim's is way overpriced and not all that special.

              Vignola is serving a brunch on Sunday's now and well as 555. Both good dinner spots as well.


              1. The breakfast at the Portland Regency is quite good. They also have a nice bar for later in the day when you want a glass of wine while you decide on where to go to dinner. Didn't care for the floating restaurant or if I remember the name correctly 3 Dollar Deweys?

                1. Floating place is DeMillos. Dewey's is on Commercial St. not far away from DeMillo's, and is a very popular, unpretentious bar and hangout with decent food, a really good beer selection, and free popcorn.