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Good Sides for Roast Duck

I'm roasting a whole duck for XMas and would like some good sides to go with. It's just DH and I but I don't mind if a recipe or dish makes a lot. I'm cool with leftovers and I know taht a duck does not yield tons of extra meat (probably none the way DH eats!).

Any ideas? Favorite recipes?

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  1. Well, instead of a traditional sauerkraut, try this (which is very easy on the chef and great as leftovers):

    This is classic Marcella Hazan recipe for smothered cabbage (cavolo sofegao) in the Venetian style.

    Finely shred a couple of pounds of green or white or savoy cabbage. In a heavy pot (with a cover), saute a finely chopped onion over medium heat in a quarter cup of olive oil until the onion starts to color, then add a clove or two of chopped/minced garlic. Then add the cabbage and toss around. When it's good and coated, add salt and black pepper and a tablespoon of red wine vinegar. Mix well, and turn the heat down to low and cover. Stir occasionally over the next 90 minutes, and add a tablespoon or two of water if it gets too dry.

    I found the leftovers blend magnificently with linguine fini. So you can use a small portion of linguine fini (1-2 oz dry) and amplify with as much cavolo sofegao as you like! Either a garlic/oil sauce or butter/parmesan sauce. Which makes sense when you realize the central European tradition of marrying egg noodles and shredded cabbage (Venice was governed for a time by Austria-Hungary in the 19th century).

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      Thanks Karl!! I'm going to try this out this weekend. Sounds delish!! I love just about anything with cabbage. I eat sauerkraut from an Amish farm almost everyday--it's so good.

    2. I like sauteed/braised baby bok choy with shitake mushrooms. A little sesame oil goes well at the end if you feel so inclined.

      1. For something on the fancier side, I'd suggest "potato balls" - I'm sure there is a proper french name for them - use a melon baller and sautee in goose (or duck) fat - delicious.

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          Pommes Parisienne. Wonderful potato balls.

        2. We had duck over the weekend. I made the leek and walnut fritters in this month's Bon Appetit, some of the remaining zinfandel cranberries from Thanksgiving, plus a simple salad and a sparkling pinot noir.

          And there was enough duck leftover for duck and wild rice soup last night.

          1. Red cabbage, braised with a little red-currant jelly (or crabapple). The old Time-Life Scandinavian book has a good recipe.

            1. When I make duck or goose, I usually go for brussels sprouts, parboiled, split in half lengthwise, then sauteed in the duck or goose fat until lightly browned. Also, a nice puree of carrots and turnips (about a pound each), using either more of the extra duck/goose fat or butter and plenty of salt. The puree is even better the second day, so you could make it ahead of time.

              1. Wild rice with pecans and chunks of roasted butternut squash.

                1. The best accompaniments for duck I ever tasted were Kasha and Red Cabbage with Apples. The earthiness oif the Kasha acts as a foil for the rich duck, and the Cabbage adds an exciting color and taste contrast.

                  1. sweet potato puree and cabbage

                    1. Right now I'm leaning towards a braised cabbage (trying Karl's recipe this weekend) and a savory mushroom bread pudding because I know DH will love that.

                      Has anyone tried any of the braised cabbage recipes in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything?

                      1. Garlic pureed white beans are one restaurant side for duck (at Chez Piggy in Kingson, Ont.)