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Dec 4, 2006 01:12 PM

Fancy Shmancy and tasty

I need fancy dinner suggestions! I've already been to Troquet, No9 Park, Blu, EVOO and many others. I'm looking for something on par with No9 Park. HELP PLEASE!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'll throw out the Mistral rec this time. Sorellina maybe. Radius has gotten mixed reviews lately but that can be good and has a good bar area (maybe you can sit next to Peter Wolfe).

      1. Wow great suggestions! Thanks!

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          I went to Sorellina for the first time last week and was impressed. Beautiful space, friendly efficient service, and excellent food. I have to say that the tuna tartare with mostarda WAS all that. We went with another couple and across the board, everything I tried was great. The kobe meatballs are as good as the raves - I loved the slight sweetness of the glaze from the barolo wine reduction - haricot verts salad with a truffle vinaigrette, crab arancini with saffron ailoi, Veal Milanese with its side of a ramekin of rich mac and cheese (oh. I mean "tubetti al fomo"), and my lobster and butternut ravioli in a cider reduction. Even the one bite of my friend's glazed wild king salmon was delicious.

          We had a good time, and will be back soon for drinks and dinner at the comfortable bar area. It was nice to see some familiar faces - Wade from Excelsior is tending the bar, and our waiter used to be at Teatro. Recommend the Grapefruit Martini. : )

        2. One of my favorite restaurants is Clio in the Eliot Hotel. It is pretty fancy and the food is inventive and excellent.

          1. Aujourd'Hui would be a good choice.

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              I liked my meal at Aujourd'Hui a few months ago, right after the new chef settled in. Very showy wine list with very high mark-ups.