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Fancy Shmancy and tasty

I need fancy dinner suggestions! I've already been to Troquet, No9 Park, Blu, EVOO and many others. I'm looking for something on par with No9 Park. HELP PLEASE!!!

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  1. I'll throw out the Mistral rec this time. Sorellina maybe. Radius has gotten mixed reviews lately but that can be good and has a good bar area (maybe you can sit next to Peter Wolfe).

    1. Wow great suggestions! Thanks!

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        I went to Sorellina for the first time last week and was impressed. Beautiful space, friendly efficient service, and excellent food. I have to say that the tuna tartare with mostarda WAS all that. We went with another couple and across the board, everything I tried was great. The kobe meatballs are as good as the raves - I loved the slight sweetness of the glaze from the barolo wine reduction - haricot verts salad with a truffle vinaigrette, crab arancini with saffron ailoi, Veal Milanese with its side of a ramekin of rich mac and cheese (oh. I mean "tubetti al fomo"), and my lobster and butternut ravioli in a cider reduction. Even the one bite of my friend's glazed wild king salmon was delicious.

        We had a good time, and will be back soon for drinks and dinner at the comfortable bar area. It was nice to see some familiar faces - Wade from Excelsior is tending the bar, and our waiter used to be at Teatro. Recommend the Grapefruit Martini. : )

      2. One of my favorite restaurants is Clio in the Eliot Hotel. It is pretty fancy and the food is inventive and excellent.

        1. Aujourd'Hui would be a good choice.

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            I liked my meal at Aujourd'Hui a few months ago, right after the new chef settled in. Very showy wine list with very high mark-ups.

          2. Rialto (get the slow-roasted duck)

            Radius (get the slow-roasted ribeye)

            UpStairs on the Square (go to the top-floor restaurant) once had a saddle of lamb with a very smoky eggplant puree that was incredible, but I think they change their menu a lot)


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              One caveat on Radius's ribeye - don't order it unless you LOVE rosemary, it's absolutely permeated with the stuff, which for me made it almost inedible. Not to mention the fact that it's a thick cut from the lean core of the eye, without the fat pocket and extra-tender outer strip that make a ribeye a ribeye in my book.

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                I guess I disagree on this one.

                They get the ribeye cut like a thick filet from Ronny Savenor, and the prime meat they use always seems very well-marbled and beefy, when I've had it---not lean in the least, at least compared to most cuts. I don't even miss the culotte (which I normally love as well). Plus, the Robuchon potato puree (equal parts potato and butter!) he serves it on top of definitely adds a nice hit of richness. To each his own, but I thinkit's one of the city's most perfect dishes!

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                FYI, Rialto is closed through at least early February. With the departure of partner Michaela Larson to open a new place in the South End (Rocca, a Liguran/seafood restaurant), Jody Adams is redoing the dining room and the menu (to yet another one focused on Italian, hmmm).

              3. I agree it's a good cut of meat, just not what I was expecting.

                I wish the menu description mentioned the pervasive rosemary though, I hate that flavor and it ruined the dish for me.

                As the Romans would say, de gustibus non disputandum est.

                1. I would try Salts. Very tasty but maybe lacking on the Fancy requirement. the dining room is VERY quiet and almost french country decor. Excellent service, and a great wine list.

                  I would also suggest OM in Harvard square. Very "experimental" menu choices, try the "bruleed" tuna app(if it still on the menu). The room is an over the top fancy space right down to the water wall at the entrance. Also a tremendous wine list.

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                    I second Om. It certainly meets fancy schmancy, I'd also say it's pretty sexy. I've also had the tuna app and agree that it's terrific. I'd stay away from some the infused cocktails. I find them to be over priced and a little light on alcohol, if I want expensive tea I'll head to Dado.

                    If you were in the mood to splurge on fancy you may consider heading across the street to Upstairs on the Square for some some cheese and wine for dessert.

                  2. Thank you to everyone who posted. We ended up at Sorellina - so thank you for the rec. The atmosphere was great and the service was phenomenal. We got the fontina cheese fondue with salami as a starter...SO tasty, but wait until it cools a bit. Also, we found a little blood in the pork at then end of the meal near the bone, but the chef came out and explained that it was organic and sometimes you can't get all the veins and then proceeded to buy us dessert - very classy. I highly recommend this restaurant!!!

                    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I can't say enough good things about Sorellina - I've been there twice in the last couple of months. The server mixed up 2/5 desserts (brought the wrong ones), we didn't even notice, loved them anyway, but the waiter insisted on giving all 5 of our desserts on the house. Wow. Makes me drool to think about their food - did you try the truffled frites? If you didn't, get them next time - WOW!