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Dec 4, 2006 12:49 PM

Tonic Water - for Gin

Not sure this is the right board for this... but given that it is a mixer, this seems to be the closest match.

Recently read an article (I think it was NYT)about "boutique" tonics. While I've spent lots of time tasting different gins (I'm partial to Hendrick's), I continue to bemoan the syrupy tonics widely available.

Any opinions on the various boutique/designer tonic waters out there?

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  1. Can you elaborate? I've not been aware that there are such things - sounds great! If nothing else, a link would be cool - thanks in advance!

    1. I'm interested, but uninformed. Are these things available in Ottawa (Canada)? My wife's a G&T drinker.

      1. There's another thread in the General board -


          here is the NYT article.

          As for being avialble in Ottawa... likely not in this small city, sadly.

          1. They are not readily available yet, give it a year or two. Then you will see quite a few high end mixers coming out, not just tonic.