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Chestnut Puree in Toronto

Where can I find a can of chestnut puree in Toronto? Preferably central or east location - I'm in Leslieville.


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  1. You might give Masellis Supermarket a try(Danforth near Donlands) - they have lots of regional Italian products and they have fresh chestnuts in season. Just a wild guess on my part, I would definitely call them first because their stock is unpredictable and they seem to be re-organizing right now.

    906 Danforth Ave
    Toronto, ON M4J1L9
    (416) 465-7901

    1. Try Whole Foods - they usually have this kind of thing

      1. I usually buy it at Festival on College. St near Beatrice (a few blocks east of Ossington) It's a funky little Italian food shop. Good luck

        1. Try the Honey Bear on Sheppard near Bayview. I've seen it there.

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            try any Hungarian/Austrian store they should have it. Honey bear does for sure

          2. I saw it at one of the stores on the lower level of the south, St. Lawrence market.

            1. As an alternative to buying chestnut puree or peeling fresh to make your own ( a very tedious and frustrating exercise)consider buying dried chestnuts and rehydrating them in simmering water or milk till soft. Simply puree in food processor or through food mill.

              Dried chestnuts are available in most Italian grocery stores. I see them at Highland Farms all the time and are less expensive than canned puree.

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                I just read a method to easily peel fresh chestnuts. Use a sharp knife to cut a slit in the "shell". Put the chestnuts into a pre-heated 425 deg oven. In about 10 minutes the shell should crack open. Havn't tried it so don't know if it really works.

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                  Even eaiser and more effective method--using the tip of a small sharp knife score the shell around the circumference of the chestnut--do not cut into the nut itself but only through the shell. microwave on half power for about 1 to 1 and a half minutes. The shell and papery brown inner skin should easily slip off. let the nuts cool slightly before peeling. you may have to experiment with the time and power level to get the right combination for your microwave .

              2. Although not really in your geographic area FYI I just got back form Highland Farms in Mississauga. While purchasing various ingredients for Xmas cookies I noticed that they carried 2 brands of both Chestnt puree and Whole chestnuta as well as a "chestnut spread. All in the $5 per lb range ans available i the Baking section
                Hope this helps

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                  Last summer I got a small can of French made 'chestnut spread' at a major chain grocery in a Vancouver suburb. It is puree plus sugar, candied chestnut pieces and vanilla.

                2. I saw some at Whole foods on the weekend. Probably not the emost inexpensive place to get it though.

                  1. Highland Farms at on Dufferin (north of Finch) has it.

                    1. I bet you could get chestnut puree at Royal Beef. (Danforth Ave just west of Woodbine) http://www.royalbeef.ca

                      I forgot to look when I was there today.