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Dec 4, 2006 12:43 PM

Chestnut Puree in Toronto

Where can I find a can of chestnut puree in Toronto? Preferably central or east location - I'm in Leslieville.


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  1. You might give Masellis Supermarket a try(Danforth near Donlands) - they have lots of regional Italian products and they have fresh chestnuts in season. Just a wild guess on my part, I would definitely call them first because their stock is unpredictable and they seem to be re-organizing right now.

    906 Danforth Ave
    Toronto, ON M4J1L9
    (416) 465-7901

    1. Try Whole Foods - they usually have this kind of thing

      1. I usually buy it at Festival on College. St near Beatrice (a few blocks east of Ossington) It's a funky little Italian food shop. Good luck

        1. Try the Honey Bear on Sheppard near Bayview. I've seen it there.

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            try any Hungarian/Austrian store they should have it. Honey bear does for sure

          2. I saw it at one of the stores on the lower level of the south, St. Lawrence market.