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Dec 4, 2006 12:22 PM

Arabic Restaurants in Detroit Metro -- Another Inquiry

I'll be in the Detroit area next month, can anyone tell me what are currently the best arabic restaurants and bakeries --- hopefully near each other for an all in one eveing.

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  1. If you drive down Michigan Avenue in east Dearborn you'll see fifteen (at least) Arabic restaurants, all good, all very cheap. West Dearborn is heavily Arabic so that's really all you'll see. If you are in west Dearborn you'll find La Shish, the mother of all Arabic restaurants. It's also one of the few in that area that serves wine.

    I will try to get the name of the restaurant where I last ate in Dearborn - it was stunning food and heaps, MOUNDS of food. Cheap and delicious. It was on a corner.

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      Thank you, I would really appreciate the name

    2. Al-Aimeer on West Warren at Miller Road. Delicious, authentic, cheap.

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          I second the vote for Al Ameer. IMHO, best in Dearborn. And quite a value....

      1. Whenever I visit my family in Dearborn I have to visit La Sheesh. It's a local chain and I can't attest to it's authenticity, but they have great kebabs and pita and hummus and you get lots of food.
        I've found that the best outpost is the one in downtown Dearborn on Michigan Ave.

        1. Hello,

          You did not mention what part of Detroit you will be visiting so I will give you some other choices. The Detroit area has a large Middle Eastern population. The Dearborn area is said to have the largest population of Middle Eastern citizens anywhere outside of the Middle East. Another suburb of Detroit to the north is Sterling Heights which has the largest concentration of Middle Eastern citizens outside of the Middle East. So back to the food.

          As stated above Dearborn has many fine choices but that is not my side of town. If you go north of Detroit at 15 mile and Dequinder NE corner is the Beirut Palace very authentic and a supurb bakery next door with every imaginable treat. If you hit this plaza go towards the back of the building another bakery with stone ovens makes Cheese Bread that is to die for.

          For a more upscale experience at 19 mile and Garfield NW corner behind Ernies Kings Mill is a small place called Bridgets very nice place with good food.

          As far as La Shish goes they have had some legal problems and is not somewhere I would give my buisness to. They have several restaurants throughout the Detroit area. I will add a link to an article or search "La Shish Law" to find your own.

          Enjoy your stay,


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            Totally agree with your assessment of East Detroit mid-east eats. I'm of Marinite Lebanese decent and the food of east detroit (Bridgets, Beirut palace) is more akin to North Lebanese food of my granmother than dearborn food is. Definately suggest the bakery on Dequinder for the most amazing zatar and cheese breads you can buy as well as the sweet shop around the corner for uber baklava mania.

          2. New Yasmeen Bakery & Deli on W. Warren in Dearborn
            La Shish on Michigan Ave in Dearborn
            Jerusalem Garden in Ann Arbor for lunch