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Dec 4, 2006 12:10 PM

New Breakfast/Lunch Option in Burlington, VT - MAGNOLIA

If you've grown tired of the impossibly frustrating line at Penny Cluse and are looking for a less stressful breakfast/lunch dining experience with FANTASTIC food - MAGNOLIA is the answer.

On December 2 we had breakfast at a new restaurant in Burlington (currently still in a soft-opening stage) that is going to be a mainstay for as long as the owners continue to provide one of the best breakfast options in downtown.

Opened in an often busniess dooming location at 1 Lawson Lane behind Flatbread Pizza (recent restaurants in this previously too dark space include Kahiki Moon Tiki Bar and Hectar's Mexican), the space has been magically lightened and transformed into a warm, simple dining experience.

The LIME BELGIAN WAFFLE WITH FRESH FRUIT is a real treat with great flavor and the EGGS BENEDICT WITH VEGETARIAN SAUSAGE delviers the best hollandaise sauce in Burlington..hands down.

We'd like to see some better joe served (perhaps VERMONT COFFE COMPANY - our favoriate) as our morning cup seemed falt and burnt (we suspect Green Mountain). Other than that, we were prefectly happy.

They only serve breakfast and lunch which clearly provides focus to get these meals right. I only hope the the two-chef team opens an additional restaurant in the future featuring dinner!

Thank you for opening MAGNOLIA - welcome aboard!

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  1. Sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out. Hopefully they can turn that unlucky space around

    1. I just ate at Magnolia yesterday and completely agree with adamwing's assessment - it's a winner. I had the eggs benedict with canadian bacon, and was surprised by the addition of spinach and tomatoes under the perfectly-poached eggs - a nice change. Very yummy, and the home fries that came with were nicely seasoned.

      A fruit plate was also delish - pineapple, berries, grapes all super fresh and sweet. Their homemade ketchup was great, and that can be hard to pull off (the Alchemist's for example, is horrible) but a homemade jam was a little on the heavy side and had too much molasses.

      The place wasn't busy on a Thursday lunchtime, but the owner explained that they haven't officially launched yet or done any publicity. When they do, after the holidays, this place is going to be packed, pronto.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I concur with the positive reviews about Magnolia's. I have been there 5 times for breakfast, and except for inconsistently prepared homefries, all of the items I have ordered have been excellent.
          I recommend the lemon-ricotta pancakes and the salmon; the hollandaise sauce on the Eggs Benedict is perfect.
          My only disappointment has been the homefries--too soft and mushy.
          The place has been fairly empty on the weekdays so I'm hoping it continues to offer breakfast. On a recent Saturday morning it was quite full.

          1. Yet another positive review! :-))

            A friend and I decided to check this out yesterday before going to the movies. Thought we would have to wait in line, but they quickly got everyone to tables, no wait. We both ordered the Eggs Bene (no meat) and it was delicious! Had a hard time deciding what to order; although the lemon pancakes and lime waffles didn't interest me, they had a good selection of sandwiches and some yummy sounding soups. The coffee was the best I have had in a restaurant in a long time; they must have improved that. Really dark and potent! :-))

            Prices were inexpensive and I was pleased to see they had decent sounding vegetarian and vegan meals. Although I'm neither, it's always nice to have that option. Also, everything sounded so fresh, and local too.

            My friend and I have a theory that in downtown Burlington, you have to come out of the chute with good service and good food those first few months. A few bad reviews from people who tell their friends will do you in, hence Miguel's and the other restaurants that should do well on Church St., but end up closing. Magnolia's was a little gem, and if yesterday was any indication, I think it should stay around for a good long time! :-)