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Dec 4, 2006 06:08 AM

Restaurants in and around Truckee

My friends and I, who are mostly pescatarian or vegetarian, have a ski house for the next 5 months in Truckee. We need some moderately priced places to eat dinner in Truckee for the winter. I tried Java Sushi and it was terrible! I love cooking but I hate the idea of having to cook only because the restaurants in town are horrible. Please help!

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  1. The Blue Coyote Bar & Grill (across from the softball fields) has decent pizzas and salads, for a bar. Its not fine dining but in Truckee there are pretty much 2 choices: fine dining or low-rent. There's not much in between. Also, if Truckee Bagel is still in business, they are pretty veg-friendly.

    1. My initial feeling was that all the decent restaurants were going to be expensive. Thanks for your help!

      1. 2 summers ago we had lunch at a small modern cafe in a large new building (not too many in Truckee) on the main street, about midway between the school area--west Truckee--and the old village area. It was breakfast and lunch, but they may be open for dinner in ski season.

        Very well-crafted sandwiches and salads, fresh ingredients and well-seasoned. Breakfast menu looked promising.

        Wish I knew the name, and if they were still in business. I'd go back if I were in the neighborhood.


        1. The Pacific Crest on the main drag is a good value. You can go in your ski gear and never get a second look from anybody. There is a deli in town whose name escapes me but it is on the main drag and it is a little girls name, like "Heidi's", Debbie"s or "Becky's" Great sandwiches. The owners are very nice. The Truckee Diner south of the railroad tracks is a classic, old railroad cars made into a diner with very reliable fare. If you want to go upscale you can drive ove rto Squaw Valley and eat at Plumpjack. See you on the mountain!

          1. We ate today at the Pacific Crest and it was delicious. Tomato and Basil was the daily soup flavour and once it had a good dose of seasoning (as I often find is the case in California) it was delicious and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they didn't resort to cream in the tomato soup as it held it's own without. For mains I personally had fish tacos which were cod in a wonderful light tempura-esque batter with fresh vegetables, home made salsa, guacamole and a good dollop of sour cream, delicious! The rest of our party had a turkey club sandwich with fries, that was pretty pedestrian as expected, a chicken and caramelised walnut salad that I tasted and was an intriguing and delicately flavoured concoction but I have a general aversion to sweet and savoury in the same dish. Finally and quite frankly the highlight of the meal was a pizza but not as we know it. It was cod, shrimp, avocado and mozzarella cheese with olives and basil. I would have ordered this in a heartbeat had I not been stuffing my face with rubbish all weekend, it was an unlikely hit as on the menu it looked really quite odd.

            The waiting staff were friendly, efficient and our waiter did decide to give me a rendition of his British accent. Fortunately the food was much better than his impression!

            Overall, the price and quality of the food was excellent with the meal for 4 coming to about $60 including drinks, well worth a visit after a long day on the slopes!

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              Ok, we are going to be staying at a friend's condo in Truckee soon. Anything around there or even in adjacent towns that you'd recommend? Doesn't have to be fancy or pricey...just some good places to eat. thanks!