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Dec 4, 2006 05:50 AM

Which part of a rib roast has the most of the cap?

I am getting ready to order our Christmas roast, and I want all of that delicious cap meat I can get. Iirc ribs 7 through 12 have the greatest pecentage of the cap, is that right? Any reason not to order that section of the cut?

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  1. You are on the right track.

    Thr rib-eye cap or Spinalis Dorsi muscle is largest between ribs 8-10. To maximize your cap, you may want to order 2 roasts that include ribs 8-10 rather than order 1 large roast (ribs 6-12).

    For more info regarding Spinalis Dorsi, refer to the posts by "FlyFish" in the following thread:

    1. You're on the right track for making a great rib roast. I suggest your next step be to use Paul Prudhomme's recipe from his cookbook "Lousiana Kitchen". (The fat cap plays a major role in the end result.) The single best rib roast I've ever experienced.