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Dec 4, 2006 05:06 AM

Holiday food gifts

I need some fresh ideas for holiday gifts for the food lovers on my list. I'm tired of getting them the "tower" at Harry and David's or some random wine gift basket. Are there any interesting food gifts you've given/gotten?

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  1. What about a really nice bottle of champange? If the person is not a champange devotee it can easily be re-gifted or kept for a special occassion. You really can't go wrong. It's a "classy" and universal favorite.

    On another note, what about a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop, bakery, cheese or wine store or restaurant? Even a fully loaded ($50-$100) Starbucks card is usually welcome.

    If they like to grind their own coffee beans, surprise them with their favorites.

    Fresh baked goods - not pre-packaged ones in festive wrap might be a nice switch.

    1. We rec'd and have given the breakfast in bed tray from

      The tray is chocked full and the price point is outstanding.

      1. oops, forgot about the company
        and part of your purchases goes to help the homeless.
        fun and delicious sweet/treats!

        1. I agree about Dancing Deer. Their molasses cookies are divine.

          1. Lesley's Life is Sweet has beautiful, unusual chocolates, hot chocolates-
            20% goes to charity-pink decorated for breast cancer, others for AIDS in Africa, etc.

            Another Wisconsin company, Natural Ovens of Manitowoc, makes amazing whole grain breads and bagels

  , is a small home-based business that does natural foods gift baskets-tea and cookies, or fruit and veg, or...