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Dec 4, 2006 05:00 AM

matzo ball soup in Seattle

Anyone know where I can get good matzo ball soup in Seattle?

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  1. Eats Market Cafe in west seattle has a pretty good bowl of matzoh ball soup.

    1. I, more than, second that about Eats. It's fabulous, and by far the best that I've had in town. Great balls, and delicious soup.

      1. I really like the matzoh ball soup at CJ's at First and Cedar downtown.

        1. the incredibly friendly owner at eats tells me that his grandmother (unlike mine) did not put either parsnips or dill in her soup and made matzoh balls of the 'sinker' rather than 'floater' variety (again, unlike mine). therefore, i cannot perform the nostalgia dance; those of us with such cultural anchor chains often find it difficult to enjoy other people's efforts. that he serves his soup insufficiently hot, though, has nothing to do with his ancestors.

          1. Ahhh, Howard, your grandmother would be so proud of your chains. Thanks all for the leads, I'll be out among 'em when the holidays come.