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Dec 3, 2006 08:08 PM

Making Dried Persimmons

How is this done in the oven? I have a box of persimmons in the garage.

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  1. This was interesting to me and I googled around and posted on the Home Cooking board

    Hope chowchowchow will add the three hour drying method.

    BTW, here's what those dried persimmons at Tokyo Fish looked like.

    This whole thing interested me since reading the SF Gate article. Here's a little more general info I found on the General Board.

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    1. re: rworange

      will rise to the challenge. The three-day method is easy: peel, 130 degree oven for 72 hours. (more details on home cooking link above.)

      Now, where can I get bushels of hachiya/fuju persimmons cheap? (There is a small public park in the peninsula used to have several persimmon trees, but they cut them down because the fruits were a nuisance...they couldn't get rid of them!)

        1. re: chowchowchow

          Is there a difference in taste between using fuyus or hachiyas? They're so different when eaten fresh; are they more similar once dried?

          Thank you so much for posting the three day method!

          1. re: Pei

            pretty similar when dried. hachiyas seem a little cheweyer. fuyus don't shrink as much as hachiyas and seem seem a little sweeter to us. Equally GOOD!

          2. re: chowchowchow

            Thank you! One of the Girl Scout camps has persimmon trees - I've brought fruit back if I've attended during that time period. I don't know what happens to the fruit otherwise - but I come back happy.

        2. Hmmm this one got moved. Here is more info on the 3-day method:

          (what the heck is a hoshigaki? :-)

          1. I just bought some dried persimmons at the farmer's market (Berkeley). They are Hachiya. They had been sliced horizontally (with the peel on) and dried in a dehydrator. Cost was $10 per pound. They are superb. Soft, with the texture and sweetness of a medjool date. I've had the dried flattened persimmons such as sold in Chinatown and also sold at the time of the Japanese New Year celebration, and they are not that great -- kind of dried out and chewy. But the ones from the farmer's market are incredible.

            The purveyor also had fresh persimmons for sale, and obviously could select perfect specimens for drying. He said that these batches were the best he'd ever made.