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Dec 4, 2006 03:32 AM

Kosher Soy

any recc. for kosher soy products-milk, cheese, fake meat ect.

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  1. Lightlife Smart Bacon is very good. I have never tasted the real stuff, so I can never be sure, but I enjoyed the taste very much. Don't try the Smart Links though - I thought they were horrible.
    Mon Cuisine vegeterian stuffed cabbage is also pretty good.

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      tofutti , silk, zensoy (puddings and milk), 8th continent milk, Yves, Dr. Prager Burgers, earth balance soy margarine/butter,
      turtle mountain ( purely decadent, so delicious)

    2. I really like the line by Yves veggie cuisine. The products are low-fat (not all soya products are- beware and read nutritional content on labels). The veggie ground round is wonderful for making with lasagna, veggie shepherd's pie etc. The burger-burgers are very good. The line is manufactured in Canada, but I think I have seen the products in US grocery stores. I believe there is a OU on them as well for the uS market as well as the Canadian hashgacha.

      1. We love Morningstar Farms. The Grillers (burgers) are great, as are the Griller crumbles, which make a great substitute for ground meat. We also eat the fake bacon, sausages, chicken nuggets, chicken patties, stir fry meat, etc. Another good brand is Worthington, which also makes good bacon, sausages, and other items.

        1. Morningsar Farms' fake bacon and ground meat are fantastic. Smart Bacon is the best choice if it has to be pareve, but if it's ok to be milchig, MF is clearly better, imo.

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            2nd this whole heartedly. the canadian bacon from yves is great. if you want a veggie burger that is closer to the taste of a burger, the lightlife fake ground meat is great.
            morninstar farms makes good veggie burgers, but i did not like "mushroom lovers". They also make crumbles that you can put in spaghetti sauce, and fake chicken nuggets and patties.
            For ice cream, double rainbow soy cream is very delicious.

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              Do you know where in NJ I can buy this? I looked in the local shoprite, but I couldn't find it

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                Where are you in NJ? We get it at Whole Foods, usually, but the bigger, newer Shoprites (WO, L'ton) usually carry it as well.

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                  I'm in Lakewood. We have a pretty big Shoprite, but it could be I just didn't look hard enough :) I should be going this week, so I'll double check. Thanks

            2. We live on the Morningstar Burgers (all diffrent types, all under the OK). Love the idea of having milkshakes and cheese-burgers. Also, got to love the polyvinylcloride sausages Sunday morning with my eggs and hash-browns....ok, I am hungry.