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Dec 4, 2006 02:28 AM

Do you ever have enough cookbooks?

Do you ever have enough cookbooks? When you want another one where do you look? Amazon, Ebay, local bookstore?
My mothers life has revolved around cooking. We are downsizing her to move into a smaller place and I need to find new homes for some of her books...about 300. Where do you typically shop?

Thank you!
Sherry G

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    1. Personally, I'm not a fan of cookbooks... they don't have the lovely photographs that draw me to try something new. That said, I have stacks and stacks and stacks of cooking magazines-- primarily Cooking Light and Bon Appetit, with the occasional Gourmet and Food + Wine.

      So yes, I do have enough cookbooks-- Harold McGee's compendium, plus Sherry Yard's dessert cookbook that I use as a coffee table book.

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        Ohmygosh, she has tons of magazines too, alot I have bundeled up for recycling, and boxed the others she wants to keep. I don't cook much myself, so I call her first, then search the internet if I need to!

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          If she collected Saveur, the first issue can go for up to 200 smackers on ebay. I sold one for $175.

      2. I have about 450 it expands and receives

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          I should have added that I buy most of mine at Half Price Books and on Amazon. When I need to thin some out I donate them to my local Red Cross book sale and get a tax credit for the donation

        2. I get lots from ebay, overstock and amazon. And I get some from local shops. I met someone who had a strict limit on her cookbook collection. If she got a new book, an old one had to go. She said it was the only way to keep the collection within reason. I haven't reached that point yet, my books just swamp everything.

          1. I've decided my cookbook collection would take more space than I could afford so I've kept to the basics and then if I need something special, I go to the internet. I have bought special editions of used books from (books that I used to have and decided I couldn't live without). Alibris is a great resource for used books to both buy and sell.