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Dec 4, 2006 02:00 AM

Two Winter Vegetable Dishes that I really like...

I really enjoy winter veggie dishes, although creating something interesting can be challenging this time of year. I feel like veggies often get overshadowed by the holiday meats and baking this time of year, so thought I'd share two simple veggie preps that I threw together and ended up really enjoying.

1. Sauteed radishes w/ shredded brussels sprouts

For those of you who have never cooked radishes, you must try it! Sauteeing mellows the peppery bite and brings out their sweetness. You must use melted butter as the browned butter adds a wonderful nuttiness to the dish. I quartered my radishes and thinly sliced my brussels sprouts before sauteeing in a little butter. Season w/ S&P and add a squirt of lemon juice at the end to brighten if you so desire. Goes great w/ most meats.

2. Celery root and fuyu persimmon salad w/ remoulade-style dressing

I cut the celery root into matchsticks and peeled and sliced the fuyus. Squirt on some lemon juice. Add some mayo and dijon mustard (more mayo than dijon). Pour in a little champagne vinegar. Add some chopped parsley. Toss to coat evenly. Season w/ S&P and smoked paprika (optional) to taste. Adjust other seasonings as necessary. We ate this w/ steamed Dungeness crab, but it could be served in a number of contexts. Enjoy!

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  1. thats for the idea to sautee radishes. I've roasted them, but never cooked them stovetop, makes perfect sense and sounds delish.

    1. Tran, that celery root and fuyu dish looks wonderful! I will have to try it while persimmons are in season - love celery root and the dijon plus lemon just has make me drool! You're right about veggies at this time of the year - I'm getting so tired of green beans...