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Dec 4, 2006 01:47 AM

Best restaurants in Forest Hills

I moved to forest hills recently and I would love to know which are your favorite restaurants in the area. I heard that Italian place on Metropolitan Ave "La Vigna" is good, a bit pricey, also I heard about Alberto that is very good too.
What is your top five list?

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  1. I don't have a Top 5 because FH spots just don't grab me. Despite the variety of cuisines, many of the restaurants fall short of the mark.

    That said, I like Mickey's Place for sushi on Qns. Blvd. at 102 St. The fish is always fresh and the staff couldn't be friendlier. Never been to La Vigna, but I did hear some folks talking favorably about it, while I was enjoying a sundae at Eddie's Sweet Shop (105-29 Metropolitan Ave.) Eddie's is a mandatory stop on Metro. I'm too young to have enjoyed a sundae at a soda fountain, but it seems to me that Eddie's has preserved everything from the flavor to the feel.

    One place on Metro that I need to explore more is Danny Brown's (104-02 Metropolitan Ave.)I had a glass of wine and some grilled calamari recently. Pls. report back and let us know what you find.

    Keep on smokin',
    Joey Deckle

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      Dee's has great brick oven pizza and a warm atmosphere

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        Where is Dee's located? I'm starved for some good pizza in this neighborhood, and count myself as part of the decided minority that believes Nick's to be highly overrated. Do tell. P.

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            Thanks erica. Dee's gets very crowded during the w/e. It's one of those beeper situations when you get there. They dont take reservations either.

        1. re: clim212

          yes yes, Dee's. get the Four Seasons (artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, portobello mushrooms and pepperoni that is non-greasy and delicious); eggplant/goast cheese is also a great combo.

      2. Joey beat me to the punch with Mickey's - which is decent - and Eddie's, which, despite the presence of a few too many teddy bears and porcelain dolls for my taste, deserves its' status as a neighborhood legend.

        I live in FH, and, with respect to the restaurant scene, I'm glad that I am close enough to Rego Park to be able to hit places such as Istanbul (up on Queens Blvd, near 63rd), Shalom and Salut (both on 108th). I also dig the Bialys at Hot Bialys, which is on QB, edge of Kew Gardens. The highly touted East Ocean Palace, on QB across from PC Richard, I find to be hit or miss, the hits being good but nothing to jump up and down about.

        Suffice to say that, when it comes to the immediate neighborhood, I would much rather hop the train and head elsewhere for really good eats. That said, and, not knowing your tastes, I think it only fair to recommend that you do a search of this board for Forest Hills. A number of posters have sung the praises of Rouge, which is a bistro on Austin. Nick's Pizza, on Ascan a few paces away from Austin, is very well-known and often makes it to 10-best lists around the city. This mystifies me personally, but, if you like pizza, you should go see for yourself.


        1. It depends on what you're looking for. What Forest Hills doesn't have is cheap, delicious ethnic food, except for Bukharian (central asian kosher). I agree with the above posts, but would add Jade, in Station Square for fun atmosphere. Five Burros for tasty, if not overly authentic Mexican, especially for lunch. Corfu for cheap, utilitarian Greek. Danny Brown's for a great wine list, small plates, and a few well chosen entrees.

          1. My faves in FH are Thai Austin, Corfu, Peking Duck Forest, and, yes, I love Nick's Pizza--it's very thin-crusted, non-greasy, and if that's how you like your pizza, it's great.
            The Luncheonette on 70th Road is great, too.

            1. Welcome to Forest Hills! I actually just moved there in Sept. I'm basically echoing what a few have already posted but the places I like most in Forest Hills are 5 Burro, Luncheonette (great burgers and wheat blueberry pancakes), Nick's - and if you want an alternative to Nick's then Dee's Pizza on Metropolitan. I've eaten at Cubana once and while the food was decent, I thought it was overpriced for the neighborhood. Hot Bialy's has the greatest bagels. And I'm definitely in the pro-East Ocean Palace camp - especially for their shrimp with black bean sauce and beef pan fried noodles.

              All in all, I haven't been that impressed with FH restaurants but these fit the bill if I want to eat right in the 'hood.