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Dec 4, 2006 01:36 AM

Dinner for 2 later this month

I am interested in taking my boyfriend out for dinner later this month for a meal HE would really enjoy. (We always seem to go places I would rather go.) He is not very adventurous, but enjoys good steak, fish, etc. The neighborhood doesn't really matter, instead, I care about finding a place with good service, casual, and food that's well executed, but not too experimental. I was thinking a good steakhouse that has other options on the menu, as I don't really eat steak, but that's just one possibility. Also, any suggestions for nearby cocktails would be great (or places that have a lounge/bar within). And, of course, it should be a place I can actually get a reservation at! Entrees probably shouldn't exceed $25-30. Thanks!

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  1. Hey there,
    Steakhouses are tough to eat at for $25-30. Some of them even have entrees $40+. I have heard good things though about Buenos Aires which I believe is within your budget. You said he also likes good fish. If you want to go that route, I would recommend Tides on the lower east side. Definitely within your budget with amazing food and plenty of places nearby for drinks. Tides itself as a nice, affordable, wine list.


    1. Dr. Katz, you're a really considerate girlfriend!

      You could consider Col Legno, a Tuscan-style restaurant on E. 9 St. just west of 2nd Av. Bistecca Di Manzo (Grilled Steak Rubbed with Rosemary Infused Oil and served with Roasted Tomato) for $18.95, good fish dishes.

      Another possibility is Pampa, an Argentinian steakhouse which serves absolutely colossal steaks. I haven't been there for some time, though, so I can't attest to its continuing quality. Have a look at their menu, though, if you like:

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        "BLT Steak" sounds perfect, but an interesting choice could be "The Tasting Room" instead.

      2. I have only been to 7square once since it opened (in the Time Hotel)I had a light meal of an appetizer and a side. The steak tartare was great, served with pickled veggies and a bag of homemade potato chips. The chips were great, the pickled veggies were ho-hum. The macaroni and cheese was delicious. The menu looks great and has had great reviews. I plan on going back later this month. Sounds like just the place for you.