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Dec 4, 2006 01:35 AM

Bento Boxes?

I'm hoping to buy a couple of bento box trays (empty) to give as gifts to my folks, who have recently discovered the joy of homemade sushi. I haven't looked specifically at Super 88 (Comm Ave in Boston or the one on Hancock St in Quincy are most convenient fo rme) or Kam Man Marketplace in Quincy, but these are the places I'd be most likely to start my search. Can anyone shorten my search for me by telling me if you've seen these in the cookware sections there? I've mostly stuck to the food aisles and haven't really browsed the cookware sections. And if not there, anywhere else in Boston? Thanks a mil.

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  1. The two places that come to mind are the Japanese market at Central Square (about a half block down Prospect) and a store at Porter Exchange - on the corner down from the sushi counter, they mainly sell Japanese serving stuff (I actually bought some bowls there yesterday but can't say if they have bento boxes).

    1. there is also a japanese store in lexington it is in the parking lot in the rear of Peking Garden

      1. Here's a thread on mailordering them if you want to go that route

        1. I can't recall if I've specifically seen Bento Boxes, but there are several restaurant supply stores in Chinatown that have sorts of cool stuff like that. The one I usually go to is on Harrison Ave, but I forget the name.

          1. Thanks, everyone! Duh- I used to live a block from the Japanese market in Central Square......didn't even think about the old 'hood.