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Chilli in NYC

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Looking to find the best Chilli in NYC. Any suggestions. THANKSdw

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  1. I'm not really a big chili fan, but Daisy Mae's makes a good one, and it has met favor with other Chowhounds.


    1. I'm not such a fan of it but brother in law and also a friend love Jackson Hole's chili.

      Me, I make my own.

      1. Olde Towne Bar on E. 18th St. They also do a damn fine hot dog.

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          Decent burger there too (especially considering The Shack is hibernating).

        2. The Daisy Mae chili is the best I have ever had anywhere. Different than other's b/c it has a very smokey flavor (guessing that the use some of the leftovers from their BBQ). Their homemade hot sauce is great with it too.

          1. thanks, everyone. much appreciated!

            1. Waterfront ale house on 30th and 2nd has out of this world venison chili. My fiancee vouches for the meat/ pork chili. they also, have a great beer selection