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Dec 4, 2006 12:00 AM

From NY looking for a few Good Places that serve

I'm looking to find a few places in los angeles that have these dishes that I cannot live without.

General Tso Chicken
Thai Spicy Crab
Roast Pork

I thank you in advance

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  1. The Cuban roast pork is spectacular at Versailles (3 locations; La Cienega, Venice Blvd. and Ventura Blvd toward Encino). Get the combo pork and roast chicken (comes w/ black beans, rice and plantains). More food than you can eat in two meals for about 13 bucks...

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      Chicken's always dry... pork's not bad but it's better elsewhere (El Criollo in Van Nuys springs to mind). The Encino location's the worst, though.

      They have General Tso's chicken at China Lites at Laurel Canyon and Chandler in North Hollywood. Be VERY firm that you want it SPICY or else it will be completely bland. When it's spicy, it's quite good, and when it's not it's horrendous.

      Thai Spicy Crab -- what exactly are you asking for here? The best Thai restaurants are on Sherman Way between Bellaire and Woodman in North Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd. in Thai Town, and of course the incomparable Thai Nakorn on Garden Grove Blvd. in Garden Grove.

      What kind of roast pork are you looking for? Cuban roast pork (lechon asado)? Chinese roast pork? American roast pork?

    2. I'm really not a Cuban food expert, but I can say that the food at Versailles has been vilified by those who are. Great alternatives: El Cochinito, on Sunset in Silverlake, or El Colmao, just west of downtown. Both close early, though.

      The only paella that hounds are able to agree on as being worthwhile is the takeout version at La Espanola Meats in Harbor City. Saturday only, and you call in your order an hour ahead. As I live nowhere nearby, I have yet to try this.

      1. My favorite lechon asado (Cuban roast pork) is at La Cubana in Glendale