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trendy nyc restaurant for birthday

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my friend is turning 21 and wants to go to a trendy restaurant for his birthday. he wants something with a trendy atmosphere like Tao and preferribly with a private room. Any suggestions other than Buddha Bar, Morimoto or any of the other usuals?

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    1. Stanton Social and Otto are my faves for large groups.

      1. thanks. i've been to otto and love it! stanton social sounds like a good place. keep the suggestions coming if you have any others!!

        1. stanton socail is a great place for groups..i'd recommend just getting a bunch of tables in the upstairs loung and ordering drinks and a bunch of appetizers there rather than a formal sit down dinner

          1. A few years ago I organized a 21st birthday party dinner for my then girlfriend. There was no private room but they set us (18 people I think) at a few tables all together. They were great, the chef came out and asked how everything was going and said happy birthday to the birthday girl and they made her a special dessert. I organized it fairly far in advance, but she loved it...

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              Check out "Dylan Prime", its just the right age.