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Dec 3, 2006 11:21 PM

Where is the best salt fish and roast bake in Brooklyn?

Any recipes for the roast bake also?

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  1. don't know from Best, but Ali's in Brooklyn is mighty fine
    Ali's T & T Roti Deli Grocery, 1267 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY, 718.783.0316

    you might want to search/post on the Home Cooking board for recipes

      1. Here are two outstanding saltfish bake spots, both on Church Avenue:

        "RAM'S ROTI" - two blocks from the "Q" train towards Ocean Avenue...they also sell beautiful cooked veggies, classic curry goat buss-up-shut and, I'll rave some more - the aloo pie with channa with hot sauce and the smoked herring bake. Need to get there early in the day for bakes. The boss works the grilled chicken in the window.

        "IN BETWEEN EATRY & PASTRY" - Right past Coney Island Avenue/East 10th Street - Fantastic saltfish bake (IIRC, you get two per large order)...similar in style to Ram's, but ever-so-much-more comfortable for eat-ins.