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Sufganiyot (Israeli Jelly Donuts for Chanukah) in Westchester?

I'd love to get a few dozen for a party.

Whole Foods in White Plains told me they couldn't find a supplier who could provide a quantity sufficient for all their stores, so they can't carry them.

Riviera Bakehouse in Ardsley will not have them.

The New York Times mentions that Patisserie Salzburg in Rye WILL have them.
I wonder if they will taste "right" or be some strange version, given that this is a patisserie.

I wonder if anyone knows another source, in Westchester preferably.

Thanks very much.

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  1. I read a short article in the Hudson Valley magazine while I was up at Bear Mountain this weekend, on ethnic holiday treats, and they mentioned Sufganiyot. I think they also said where you can find them.. ummm but I don't remember where.. check out the magazine for more info... http://www.hudsonvalleymagazine.com/i...

    1. call the jewish /kosher place in the shopping center opposite the scarsdale jcc. is it the golden bear? call the jcc in scarsdale as a resource-
      also any chabad temple will give you info.

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        Thanks a million! I called the JCC and there were most helpful. They mentioned The White Plains Bakery on Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains, and Heisler's in New Rochelle as two likely places.

      2. Are sufganiyot and the usual jelly donuts we enjoy year round really different. My sources who have spent time in Israel feel that they are enough alike to be considered the same. What is the concensus?

        1. I'm new here and very jealous. We were looking for a recipe for "Israeli Jelly Donuts" because we are in metro Atlanta and they will never be found here. There use to be a great bakery on White Plains Rd in Parkchester that was our source when visiting my wifes aunt. Must be long gone by know.....lol

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            I had some that were supposedly Sufganiyot from a supermarket and there was no difference at all from any other jelly donut except they were much more expensive. No doubt a boondoggle on the part of the supermarket.

            seisenstark, if any bakery were to have them, I would imagine Heisler's on North Ave. in New Rochelle (near Quaker Ridge) would. They have some of the most delicious pastries in the county.

          2. There is a Jewish bakery on North Avenue just past Quaker Ridge Road that I think would be a source. Sorry, but I do not know the name. It is almost opposite the synagogue on North Avenue.

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            1. re: roxlet

              That's Heisler's I think, is't it roxlet? Going toward Eastchester, Heisler's is before Quaker Ridge.

              Is there another bakery past Quaker Ridge going toward Eastchester?

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                I think it's the other way, but I'm not sure-- I always get confused with which way is Eastchester and which way is New Rochelle. It is on the side of Quaker Ridge that has the strip mall with the UPS Store. Not in the strip mall, but just past in on North Avenue. Is that Heisler's? I never noticed the name.

                1. re: roxlet

                  Yes, that's Heisler's. Excellent baked goods. Just have to remember it's closed on Saturday!

                  1. re: dolores

                    Do they make Jewish corn bread? A slab of that with salted butter! Yum!

                    1. re: roxlet

                      Jewish corn bread? I wouldn't have known to ask!

                      But I did try the mandelbrot, and it was wonderful.

                      1. re: dolores

                        Yes, Jewish corn bread! I don't know why they call it corn bread -- I believe it's a type of dense rye -- but I grew up in a very multi-cultural area of Brooklyn, and my mother would buy this at the Jewish bakeries. The crust is very crackly and the crumb is very gluteny and it is really delicious. I should definitely try Heisler's. Why haven't I thought about it before now?

                    2. re: dolores

                      Heisler's would be my #1 pick too. I'm intrigued by these sufganiyot of which the OP speaks! If Heisler's makes them - they have to be wonderful! I'm craving one of their chocolate babkas right now, and I can't just blame it on my pregnancy! :o)

              2. The bakery in Bronxville (name eludes me) makes mini jelly donuts to order. I don't know if they are Sufganiyot but I do know people order them for hanukah. I tried their regular size and thought it had too much jelly.

                I actually bought frozen mini jelly donuts at Trader Joes which I served yesterday and they were pretty good and none were left. No latkes either to my husband's dismay.

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                  I think it's called Topps, and I find their baked goods to be fairly mediocre despite the fact that they won "Best Apple Pie" from Westchester Magazine. I wouldn't buy an apple pie there. I don't know what Sufganiyot are like, but the ones at Topps are doughy and fairly tasteless. Has anyone suggested Lulu's in Scarsdale? I believe that they are a kosher bakery, so Sufganiyot might be a possibility there...

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                    Too bad I didn't know about the ones at Trader Joe's because I was there on Friday. I will remember that for next year though.

                    I was having my in-laws over last night and I sent my husband out at around 1:00 yeasterday afternoon to Dunkin Donuts to buy jelly munchkins. Clearly too late. He called me after he had gone to 4 locations and they were all out of jelly munchkins and donuts. He said that at one of the locations, the guys working there were laughing and saying to each other "why the mad rush on jelly donuts today?". Apparently my husband was not the first one to be leave empty handed!

                    1. re: valerie

                      valerie, next time, if not Heisler's, try the White Plains bakery. I know their goods are Kosher and they are open on Saturday. Their jelly donuts are very good.

                      The Harrison and Rye bakery jelly donuts are my favorite.

                      1. re: dolores

                        Next year I will definitely plan to get them earlier, but in the end it was good that I didn't make my husband run around. I made a fantastic brisket and latkes (latkes from Trader Joe's), everyone ate a lot, and right after dinner my in-laws left -- before eating dessert. They live on Long Island and my FIL wanted to get home before the roads got any worse. So we just broke out the chocolate ice cream after they departed. Their loss.

                        1. re: valerie

                          Valerie- how were the trader joe latkes? The donuts were a lot better than munchkins.

                          1. re: rolise

                            I happened to have the receipt sitting right here. $2.29 for 8 latkes in the box. Honestly, they were very good!

                  2. This may surprise you, but Enrico's Italian Pastries in downtown Hartsdale makes outstanding Jewish specialties as well. I buy my challah their every Friday -- and when I was there last week I saw a sign that they had Sufganiyot. Joe, the flour-covered genius who owns the place, also makes delectable latkes -- which I plan to serve my extended family this week.