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Dec 3, 2006 09:54 PM

Restaurant Near Columbia

Does anyone know of any good, perhaps fancy, restaurants up around Columbia. We've eaten enough at Le Monde over the past four years and are looking for something nice for the family when my son graduates in May. there must be some place great up there that dates to the good old days of the forties and fifties. Thanks.

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  1. The only fancy restaurant to speak of in the Columbia area is Terrace in the Sky, on the top floor of a building on 119th St. between Amsterdam and Morningside Dr. 30 years in this location. Great views of the city, an extensive wine list, and well-chosen preparations of foie gras, scallops, fish and game. It's a nice special occasion place.

    1. that place mentioned above sounds interesting (have never heard of it)...

      otherwise, i'd recommend taking a cab to a neighborhood w/ better food...Morningside Hghts is one of the worst food areas in the city -- when i've been up there i've had the salade nicoise at LeMonde as a sort of default choice, but it's sad that that's at the better end of the available might be too formal depending on the vibe/price you want for the meal, but Picholine is wonderful...

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        I've heard of Terrace in the Sky but don't know anyone who has tried it. Since I work at Columbia, I don't know if that's a good sign. Check out Alouette (bdwy - 97 & 98)on menupages. There doesn't seem to be many "fancy" restuarants up there. Henry's and Carne are both decent (Bdwy near W105). Symposium is a great Greek restaurant on W113 off of Bdwy but I wouldn't call it fancy. Look into Gennaro's (Amsterdam, 92 & 93), Meridiana (Bdwy and 105th) and there's an adorable, Italian restaurant on La Salle but I can't find it on menupages. The name escapes me.

      2. I had Terrace in the Sky about seven years ago with my then very imperious and hard-to-impress German girlfriend. It was a disaster, from the moment we set foot in the place. Old fashioned, badly cooked food, served frisbee style, by grumpy staff. Ugh. And a beautiful girl with ice-water in her veins making me feel like a complete cad for inflicting such horrors on dignity (and that was only the cab ride!).

        I've never been back. It reminds me too much of a low point in my bachelor life!

        - Sean

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        1. re: Sean Dell

          funny should have just taken her to the Koronet for a jumbo slice w/ might have gotten the same reaction from her but it would have been more economical, probably tastier, and definitely a lot more amusing...

          1. re: Simon

            Is Koronet really any good? I've only been there once, I had a slice and it had little bit more taste than cardboard. Did I drop in on a bad day?

            1. re: pagal

              it isn't great pizza in my opinion but the slices are so unusually big and there is far worse pizza. so i wouldn't flock there but i wouldn 't turn it down. new pizza town (w78 and bdwy) is one of my favs takeout pizza on the UWS. also, try a place between 103 and 104, west side of brdwy. it is not sal and carmine's. i think this place is called brdwy pizza. they are open 'til 2am and the pizza is very good.

              1. re: nativeNYer

                I think it's a great slice of cheap, foldable pizza -and more importantly, it's a meal or two for less than $3.

                It'll never reach the level of a good thin-crust wood-oven pizza in terms of quality, but it's in the student-food top 5.

                And I know this kills some of the convenience, but it's radically better if you crisp it up in the oven.

                1. re: piccola

                  well said, piccola. gotta try crisping it up at home. never tried that but it sounds like a great idea especially b/c i am the person who typically orders her pizza extra crispy.

              2. re: pagal

                naw, not amazingly good or anything, but it's a decent slice that's especially large and if you like anchovies, it's very yummy very cheap very fishy lil meal, especially if you've been drinking red wine all night...

                1. re: pagal

                  Koronet is perfect when you're drunk and broke. Or just broke. Haha. Koronet got me through many a rough patch when I was a poor student.

                  1. re: ballulah

                    well put...i actually remember my first-ever slice there: i was a a high school senior, visiting Columbia on a weekend away from boarding school and staying w/ a buddy who'd graduated the year before and was a Columbia freshman...and a post-drinking trip to Koronet was a part of his tour of Columbia college life...and, the fact that it filled my 17-year-old grumbling belly so happily and cheaply left a lasting impression...

            2. There's a place on the South West corner of 110 and Amsterdam- the name is escaping me now. I've had great meals there, feels fancy, but at the same time casual. Great place. Terrace on the sky is gross. I will never, EVER EVER go there again. Stay away, stay far away.

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                1. re: haleyjen

                  Been on many a date there. Nothing special, though I guess it's not bad for the area.

                  Not quite the Columbia neighborhood, but a short train ride away - Nice Matin.

                  1. re: piccola

                    How is 1018 not in the Columbia area? The main gates at Columbia is are on 116th St, and Bistro 1018 is on 110th St?

                    Does anyone remember: didn't it used to be called Cafe St. John?

                    1. re: ballulah

                      No, I meant Nice Matin isn't in the Columbia area. 1018 definitely is.

                  2. re: haleyjen

                    eew, went there. terrible lobster (was not fresh- went during seafood week too!), subpar service

                  3. re: Tal

                    I think you are talking about V&T. My husband loved the place and has been reminiscing about it all the time. However, I think it's fair at best.

                  4. There you go! Great place. I've enjoyed it every time I've been. And, nice cozy fireplace.