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Dec 3, 2006 09:29 PM

Which orange bitters best in a martini?

I like to put a dash or two of orange bitters in my martinis. In all humility, this takes a good drink and turns it into a transcendant one. :o)

But, I dropped and broke my bottle of homemade orange bitters! :'(

I'm going to try to sweet talk my way into another bottle from my original source. However, assuming I can't, which are better for this purpose, Fee Bros or Regan? I would have thought they were the same, but I recall seeing people saying one is better for the classic martini. Any opinions out there?

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  1. I prefer Regan's, as it's more layered and complex than the Fee's. Though there's a new product being made--I hesitate to say it's "available," as it's made in Germany and you have to special order it--that strikes a middle ground between the two bitters, with the bright citrusy note of Fees and the aromatic complexity of Regan's. It's called The Bitter Truth, and you can find them at www.the-bitter-truth.com. They also make an incredible aromatic bitters.

    1. Thanks. I think the homemade bitters I had were definitely more on the complex aromatic side of the spectrum, than the citrusy side.

      Dammit, I just remembered I use orange bitters in my Pegu cocktail as well!

      1. Fee brothers is more readily availiable and is quite passable. For a martini, however, I would definitely use Regan's. Much more pleasing flavor, in my opion. If you are in New York you can but them at Pegu Club and, I think, Flatiron. Othewise buffalotrace.com has them. The shipping is horribly expensive from what I remember.

        There are more and more coming out all the time, so hopefully avaliability will increase.

        1. I agree about Regan's. Although one drop of Angostura and three drops of Fee's Peach makes an great martini. Especially with Vya Vermouth.

          1. I went with the Regan's. I did try Fee's and it is definitely more citrusy. Almost lemony! That could also work well, probably, but I'm glad I went with Regan.