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Dec 3, 2006 09:22 PM

MSP: Updated Dinner Recommendations for Minneapolis?

I'm visiting Minneapolis this week, and I'm looking for a fabulous place to have dinner. Money is no object. I'll be there just one night.

I've done some searches on the boards and have assembled a list of places that sound interesting and don't appear to have since closed. Anyone care to weigh in? If you have a recommendation that isn't on the list, please let me know!

Cafe Lurcat
La Belle Vie

I'm looking for something that will stun and amaze. Food as art, if it exists in MSP.


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  1. Without trying to define "food as art", i'd say Vincent and Lurcat are NOT on the same "art" league than the others - they are great restaurants but definitely not as creative. My favorite for a special occasion feast is La Belle Vie - great food, decor, super-expert somelier, etc. Auriga & Alma are awesome, too, but less formal/fancy and probably shorter menus (Auriga has an odd ambience, so you eat great food in a place that a friend described as a "Marriott hotel lobby"). Cosmos at the Graves 601 hotel has a great menu & decor, although i have not been there in a while.

    1. I love 112 Eatery. It's not necessarily fancy, but I think the food does stun and amaze, if that means doing extraordinary things with even ordinary dishes. For instance, their deep fried cauliflower (side dish) is to die for. It's the only cauliflower I've craved in my life.

      Bring your winter woolens--it suddenly turned very cold here.


        1. I would have to give LBV extremely high points for service and ambiance (definitely the most true to a Paris restaurant experience you can get here in MSP) but the one time we went this summer I was disappointed in their food. While the fois gras appetizer was amazing, my chicken entree and blueberry donut like pastry for dessert were underwhelming.

          Although I've only had lunch at Cosmos I was blown away by their food. And although the restaurant is in a hotel, it's still impressive. If you can get there before Seth Daugherty leaves of course (hopefully not this week, we're hoping to get there for dinner on Wednesday)!

          We're also huge fans of Levain, 112 Eatery and Alma.

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            I helped open the hotel and Seth was the opening chef. He is great person as well as great chef. I haven't kept in contact with him you know where he is going?

            1. re: kat_dew

              I read somewhere just a few days ago that he is leaving for New York to help run a program to improve the quality of food in schools. His departure seemed to be coming up quite soon.

              I can't find the link now - anyone else have more info?

            2. re: katebauer

              Seth Daugherty is leaving? CRAP!! I went to Cosmos for the first time this summer and recently moved to Woodbury and was looking forward to regular trips to Cosmos! The food was stunning-as good as Spring in Chicago.

                1. re: katebauer

                  Kate, I don't think that Seth is leaving the MSP area -- I believe that he and his wife are going to run their Real Food Initiatives project here. Zimmern refers to Daugherty going to cook at the James Beard House in New York next week, but that's just a one-week guest gig.

            3. From what you've said in your original post, I think La Belle Vie or Cosmos fit the best. All the other suggestions are wonderful, but I think these two best fit the "food as art" comment you mentioned. Have fun!