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Dec 3, 2006 09:12 PM

Pho Long -- St. Louis on Olive

I grew up in St. Louis and most of my family still lives there, so I keep track of restaurants for my visits "home." I just read a glowing review for Pho Long in Jeffrey Plaza on Olive near the Inner Belt 170 intersection. I'm suspicious that RFT reviews are scewed, but I trust the board. My mom loved The Pitted Olive that I discovered by reading Chowhound.

So what have people experienced at Pho Long? And what about the other Chinese restaurants in the vicinity, such as that Dim Sum place not far away?

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  1. Do you mean LuLu's? Fabulous dim sum.

    Can't speak to Pho Long. But would love to try it if it's good!

    1. Pho Long is a pho joint. Not much on the menu besides soup.

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        Which space is Pho Long occupying? (That is, who shut down?)
        How is the pho??? (Compared to Mai Lee?)
        Thanks, p.j.

      2. It's in the strip between Nobu's and Woodson Road, near the center aisle of the parking lot. I got the chicken pho, and the meat and broth didn't seem connected, if you know what I mean. I haven't had the pho at Mai Lee to compare. The broth seemed pretty comparable to that in the wonton noodle soup at either Pho Star or VN Cafe, which I have had a lot.