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Dec 3, 2006 09:07 PM

24 December dinner........i will do a great paella...

As my family tradition, supper of 24 december will be fish supper.
This year i thought to make paella.
I have:
1 The original paella pan (40 cm diameter)
2 A BOOK (!!!) by Maria Victoria Roger "500 arroces"....containing many paella recipes but.....what the best?
3 the strong will to obtain the best paella of my life !
Someone will help me?
Ciao from Renato, Milano, Italy
p.s. i can understand spanish, english,french

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  1. I think it's a question of preference and also how many people you are going to feed... I like the versions with the big flat green beans, garrofó (fat white beans), and chicken or rabbit. Others like snails. Others more of a seafood version with little clams (chirlas), cigalas, mejillones, etc. The key to good paella is using the right rice bomba/calasparra and not overcooking or stirring it. I has to be taken off the stove while it is just a touch undercooked and a bit toasted (usually just under 20 minutes).