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Dec 3, 2006 09:05 PM

Mediocre meal at Monsoon

Went to the the ballet at the new Four Seasons Opera house last week and had a very mediocre meal at Monsoon. Began with the dim sum appetizer plate for two which was stunningly unremarkable and moved on to the shrimp wrapped pork which gave one a true chewing challenge.Very disappointing.

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  1. Monsoon fell off the map ages ago! The food, service and ambiance had crashed ever since David Bowen sold the place years ago. Expect severely over-priced, so-so food in an out-dated pan asian meets steak house designed room, with very cold, lousy service. The only thing that keeps this place open is the private functions they do in this basement space.

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      I agree about the mediocre nature of the meal, but I do think that the service is excellent and the chef often comes out and mingles (which is a nice touch). Still, I wouldn't go back.

    2. My hat of Monsoon knows no bounds.

      I went there last for Summerlicious. While everyone else in the group got Summerlicious, I went for an entree just to see what it was like. The presentation and ingredients seemed pretty mediocre, and the portions small.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I tried Monsoon last year after seeing Winlai Wong at an Asian food festival. I found both the food and service to be very good. Based on my pleasant experience, I'm surprised to hear that others' have been mediocre, but perhaps I got lucky.

          1. I read in an article that the chef has been on maternity since
            september. I posted my experience at monsoon on novemer 17th.

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            1. re: lovemyfood

              In fact the Chef Winlai Wong, her husband Sous Chef Sam Chao and others are no longer there. Is it closing?

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                Monsoon is a joke.
                I hate these Asian fusion style restuarants like Monsoon where they served Dim Sum side dishes but charging 4 to 5 times the price you can get at any good Chinese restaurant. Extremely disappointing with the food and service. Most most recent visit was during Winterlicious when I was entertaining 4 guests on business dinner. Had the lamb dish. It was a single piece lamb (cold) with a very medicore portion of sticky rice that was tasteless!! I can think of at least 10 Chinese restaurants that can do a better job than Monsoon. My recommendation is to take this restaurant off Winterlicious because it is an embarassment to Toronto.