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Dec 3, 2006 08:25 PM

Reminder -- Taqueria La Mexicana caters for the holidays

I stopped in to TlM in Union Square today and had a nice chat with the owner while he was assembling my nachos with carnitas (yes, I have a problem). Asked Roberto how was biz, and he told me they are doing a LOT of catering at the moment (tamales are traditional for Christmas season). He did 3 catering jobs this morning. One guy called on Friday and ordered 250 tamales for the next day because they wanted them for brunch ... so of course, these guys just got in the kitchen at 5 and got the order out. No fuss no muss. I've not had their catered food, but the regular food is great, and I know the prices they charge are really competetive.

I'm not doing a plug, as they don't seem to need any more business, but just a reminder if your holiday entertaining plans require bringing food in, this is a great option. The catering menu is available online here -->

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  1. Taqueria La Mexicana catered my husband's birthday party, and I can't say enough good things. The food was great, cost very reasonable, and Roberto is fantastic to work with.

    1. I went to a party they catered and the tamales and the chicken in mole were very good (and the highlights). Of course those are 2 dishes that travel well.

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        I bet anything saucy, like a tray of enchilladas, would travel well, too. Their rice and beans are great and the salsas are fresh. As others have said, sometimes they don't bring the heat so you need to doctor things up, but a few orders ago I had some nachos that were fiery hot. It depends. Bottom line : tamales are a super ROI for catering -- they're fun to make at home, but not 250 for a crowd!

      2. They catered an emergency event for me about 6 years ago. I couldn't give them any notice (about 2 days) and they were great. The owner reassured me that everything would get done and he was right. The best was that he delievered the food straight to my house. A time saver during a hectic time.

        I haven't used there catering services (or anyone else's) since, but I still get takeout from there regularly. I will also never forget their kindness during a difficult time. For that alone, I will always give them my business.

        1. I just want to point out as well- that I used to work for a community youth organization in Somerville- and whenever we had an event NO ONE in the city of Somerville came close to being as generous as Taqueria la Mexicana....I'm glad they continue to do well- they gave us more free platters over my two years there than I can count....The owner is a great guy and a true supporter of the community...the food is pretty darn good to boot. I live in Brattleboro Vt. now and can only dream of a decent Mexican joint