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Dec 3, 2006 08:05 PM

Help-need polenta with truffle recipe

OK_I took the plunge and now have 1+ oz of black truffle in my frige. I am having folks over for soft polenta with truffles. I do have a soft polenta recipe from Harcella Hazan but need to know how I "prepare" the I just slice and let folks scatter over polenta bowls..or pass the microplaner?

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  1. Just serve up the polenta and pass the truffle with either a truffle shaver (what everyone doen not have one? How did I end up wth 2 and no truffles?) or the microplane.

    1. The only thing I would watch out for is if you have instant polenta or the slow cooked variety. The slow cooked is better and worth the trouble of stirring for 40(!) minutes.
      Perhaps you could store the truffle in the polenta for a few days to infuse the flavor. It works with risotto and eggs, so I don't know why poletna would be any different. Maybe another hound knows.


        this is the link to the incredible polenta recipe i posted; scroll all the way down to see my changes- the last post in the thread.

        it does NOT take 40 min of stirring; maybe 15-20. but Tbear has EXCELLENT suggestion about storing the truffle in the cornmeal itself before adding it and cooking it into the dish.