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Dec 3, 2006 07:40 PM

Second Cup's baked goods

I'm trying to be a little more health concious with what I'm putting into my body these days, but it's hard. Not just the "eating right," but trying to find the nutritional information on some of my favourite snacks seems impossible sometimes. Second Cup's released the fat, calorie and nutrient content for most of their drinks, but there's nothing being said for their cookies, muffins, biscottis, tarts and otherwise. I try to avoid these, but when you want a cookie, you want a cookie! And when you work across the parking lot from your favourite coffee house, well...

Second Cup has an eMail address listed on their site that you can contact for nutrional breakdowns, but when I sent an eMail I got a delivery notification failure, so bollocks to that.

So I'm asking: is anyone here aware of some/all the nutrional information for the baked goods? Or does anyone even know who their supplier is? Thank you!

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  1. I think they get their baked goods locally. Certainly, the one I go to here in Halifax does, getting most of their baked goods from the italian Gourmet. It would be tough getting nutritional info on any of those items.

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      They get it all from the same company (Cama, I think) which caters to a lot of restaurants. I assumed that, even if it was local, the ingredients would be the same for the items and there would at least be something general in terms of info... I guess not. Thanks for the response though!

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        I think that depends on where you are located. Here in Toronto I'm pretty sure they use multiple suppliers - Dufflet, Laroca, etc.

    2. I heard Dufflets delivers some of their stuff to Second Cup. But dont quote me on that.

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        *points up to last reply*

        Thanks for taking the time to respond though. :3

      2. Montreal Second Cup has totally different food from Ottawa Second Cup. I like the Mtl stuff.

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        1. I worked for Second Cup in Kensington about 8 or 9 years ago. At the time each franchise chose their own bakery to supply the baked goods. During my time there they switched bakeries a few times. Engel's (those horrific raspberry granola triangles), Almandine (endless amaretto croissants), and before that it was "Muffin Time" (I could be wrong about the name) for cake-ish muffins.

          Starbucks, by comparison, has the same food (with some variance), contracted out to industrial bakeries but adhering to their recipes. Some of the bigger cities actually get sandwichs at Starbucks, but you need a certain density.

          At Starbucks, I've bitten into a frozen scone (nice!)
          At Second Cup we would get goods delivered before we opened, but they would often age in the case for a day or two before getting pitched.

          So as far as nutritional information, depending on the bakery, they may have the answer for you, even if Second Cup doesn't.

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          1. re: Gobstopper

            We get the Starbucks sandwiches in Ottawa. Some of them are a bit ... interesting, like the turkey and stuffing sandwich. Cute, but American in timing. I honestly didn't realize it had the stuffing until I unwrapped it. I ate it, but I wouldn't seek one out.

            Starbucks is very good on disposing of uneaten product at end of day; usually about 10 pm all the sandwiches left are either binned or cup up and put out for samples.

          2. What a really good question! I have tried to find the nutritional information about the poppyseed cake at the new Terwillegar Rec centre, Edmonton, Second Cup. You’d think you would be able to find that info somewhere.